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A track only bike needs rego ?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by nethern, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Does a track-only bike need to be registered or similar annual fee?

  2. just make sure you stick it on a trailer to get down there, better to have no plates anyway as insurance companies hire investigators to take photos of bikes that go down there..
  3. I thought there is no company doing track day insurance...
  4. Correct..

    Thats why they go down and look at the bikes that are running around, plenty have dropped a bike at the track and then tried to claim it on insurance at a later date.

    You can get insurance for your track bike, but only for theft, not for crashing it.
  5. But I still don't understand why it is better to have a no plate as SammyA said.
  6. he is just confused, he thought that you meant a road bike. Its better to remove the plate if you take your road bike down, then you can commit insurance fraud when you crash.
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  7. What I'm saying is, not only do you not need rego, it is best practice to remove any evidence of rego (if you have any) before heading down there..

    I have no intention of insurance fraud, however dont like the fact they are there stalking/tracking my actions. My fear is - say I legitamately crash three days later on the road, they may use the photo to falsely claim I did it at the track and not pay out..
  8. Wouldn't the ride day company keep records of who has crashed? Surely it wouldn't be hard to get them to send a statement saying that you didn't crash (and if you had, then they would refuse to send such a statement). That being said, it's better to be anonymous to the track-side private investigators if at all possible because insurance companies will use any reason they can to keep your money and not provide the service you've paid for.
  9. I don't understand why no-one offers track day insurance.

    After all - MOST people on a track day DON'T crash. Now the crash rate at track days MIGHT be higher than general stats for the road (MIGHT) but the premium could reflect this.

    Surely there's a market opportunity here ?
  10. The only time we report is when someone is hurt. And the ambo's do most of that.
    All care taken, but fark no responsibility.
    Read the fine print lol.
    I've heard of this but never known anyone to have any grief. I've never taken a plate off...but usually not on my bike :) Not saying It does not happen. I have no idea.
    I'm thinking the spying would be an assessors job. If there was spying to be done. And he would be wanting specifics.
    Very few people actually work in those big insurance firms.
  11. to be fair, track day insurance probably doesn't exist because no insurance company wants to take the risk and the participants don't want to pay the premiums for the insurance.

    remember if you slide a faired sports bike along the track and wind up with a cracked and sc****d fairing plus a few other broken bits then you're bike is likely to be well into repairable write off territory.

    edit... so the word "sc****d" is word-censored?!? lololol. substitute with "scratched" then. sheesh.
  12. Possibly... but also consider that if people had insurance there might be a higher prevalence of crashes just because people feel as if they have less financial risk.

    So on the face of it, you are right - but it is the behaviour of someone while insured that actually matters here. That probably takes it beyond being economically feasible.
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    Although this is a car involved it's a good example of the risk of using your daily drive/ride at track days.


    Now the vehicle involved was a less than 6 months old Monaro and LEASED.

    The lease company sent what was left of it to auction and then sent the driver the remaining $30,000 owed on the vehicle.

    Oh and for those wondering the driver went from 4th to 3rd instead of 5th on a wet track with the resultant compression lock up and drivers inexperience fencing the car.

    This one was a year old R6 at Broadford at a ride day.


    I post the above as worse case examples and to explain why normal insurace doesn't cover ride/drive days.
  14. Quoted for truth, ha. Classic.

    I think the best insurance at a track day is to try and forget that you are not insured/have a bike worth next to nothing or with already damaged fairings. Unless it's your daily ride, sure you can live with superficial type damage anyway?
  15. SUperficial damage? Pffft. All my vehicles have at least some... but they also all run very bloody well. Thats one thing I want - my car/bikes to run well. As long as they do that I really could care less if it has a daggy bike rack or scr aped (ah, gotchya word censoring!) fairing on it.

    As for trackdays... take your bike and have fun. Hell, have some fun on the way there and back, too! Just be careful and remember that you could break yourself, too. As long as you are fine then the bike doesn't matter. Stay safe and ride hard.

    - boingk
  16. as others have said, no rego required! just dont ride it down there