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A topic with absolutely nothing to do with panniers

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by incitatus, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. As some of you already know, my other passion is aviation.....bikes and aviation...if only I could combine them both in one convenient package......



  2. are you nuts ?
  3. Quite possibly.......immature certainly......happy....definitely......improving......unlikely.........
  4. What do you mean, nothing to do with panniers? It looks like a pannier with wings.

    Rutan has a lot to answer for. Hard to lane-split with the wings on.
  5. You could IFR lane split.......
  6. ....but it would enable you to rise above the circumstances.....
  7. Panniers don't need wings to fly...trust me, I know.
  8. Just watch a one of the out takes on the stunters video's... bikes don't need wings to fly. ;)
  9. Sliding along the road and under a truck does not qualify as flying. And, in retrospect, you should have lost the LEFT one, shouldn't you??
    (and it's centuriOn too!!)
  10. Sorry that, (forgive me).......flew right past me. Why the left one? it was nicely locked in place and content.

    Yes it is centuriOn.....but who cares about being accurate, the Romans did not actually use chariots other than for parades.....their auxiliaries did....but they didn't have centuriOns which was a rank reserved for Roman citizens.
  11. I didn't think the Centurion Tank came out until after WWII

    I must post a picture of my very sanitary home-made pannier bracket one day too.

    Sorry, that's right, this thread has nothing to do with panniers, does it?

    and finally, a couple of crucial questions.

    1) Does it wheelstand?
    2) What time does it get up and down Reefton?
    3) Does it come with its own kangaroo sensor?
    4) Can you park it on the footpath at Southbank?
  12. 1. Why bother raising one wheel when you can raise both?

    2. I've no idea...I'm guessing around 7:45am?

    3. Good point...those damn flying Roos are a menace. Couple of sidewinders should fix that.

    4. Southbank?.....I hate all Banks, useless bastards.
  13. Actually I was referring to the fact that BMW HAD a spare left pannier.......
    Sorry about the centurion bit, just being my usual pedantic pestiferous self.