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A top, top mechanic found...

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Lurch, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. I recently needed the forks redoing on my GS500E. After taking it to the local Suzuki dealer, it was gonna cost $250+ and they couldnt do it for two weeks (with the GP coming up). Took it to another dealer in town, and they didnt even want to know about it.
    Now, i did all this, mainly because i was in town at the time, and cbf heading out to Sth Nowra.
    I remembered all my mates use a mechanic out there by the name of Garry Jobson, so i figured, if it good enought for them.....
    So i rock out there, and i meet Garry. The nicest guy you could ever want to meet. He comes straight out (the others made me wait 15+ mins) checks over my bike. I also explain the carbies have been giving me some greif and dont feel like they're running right. He tells me he can do the forks, AND tune the carbies for $200, and he can do it in three days time. Brilliant i thought.
    So the following tuesday, i drop it off to him. That arvo, after work, i rock out there to pick it up. Hand over my hard earned cash, and he even hands me back $5 change, saying that the parts werent as expensive as he remembered.
    I really cannot recommend this guy more. There's a reason all my mates go to him. He's fair, honest, and doesnt f**k you around.

    Cheers people.

  2. A good news story.. Excellent!

    Good on him, wish there were more like him.
    I bet he just loves bikes and getting paid to work on them is a bonus.