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A top beer.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2up, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Had some of this stuff last night.
    It really went down well. I was surprised how well the flavours went together.
    Where was it last Easter ??

  2. interesting, did you get this for a small bottle-o or a big chain?

    Interested in trying it out.
  3. Ditto what Geeth said...

    Further evidence that chocolate really does go with everything :twisted:
  4. Do you get zits if you drink it?
  5. We found it at First Choice while looking for something else.
  6. Just in case you're partner does buy enough to drink away the ugly caused by them
  7. FK YES!! I'm gonna try and score some of that. If you're into your beers, try this one called Super Bock if you can find it....., had it at a festival my gf invited me to (portuguese), havn't found it anywhere else, but i'd buy it by the pallet if I could.
  8. :worthlesspics:

  9. Gold!! Thanks for the heads up. I will be having some of that this weekend.

    Cheers, :LOL:
  10. Think I'll be having some of that on the weekend.
    Might have the beer to
  11. It says "chocolate" on the bottle. That means i will buy it.

  12. Also known as a "Porter" not a bad style. I haven't tried that one yet, looks good though. Might have to brew some up for easter :grin:
  13. I tried it just last week, too, and enjoyed it a lot. One bottle was pretty filling though.
  14. you could always have a few and find creative ways to work it off :twisted:
  15. I fear no Beer
  16. I am a Pommie!!....we used to eat chocolate & drink beer!! (yes at the same time)..seemed to go well!! Youngs is a really good brewer over there..so I guess it make sense to put 2 really good things together!!! :wink:
  17. Has it actually got chocolate in it or are they playing up the chocolate malt?
  18. Will have to try it at the weekend.......

    Is it aussie or imported??
  19. Well..... you seem to have a big following in Frankston. I went to the first Choice there and could only find two bottles on the shelf. Not to worry, I grabbed those and a selection of other beers including another chocolate stout. I have to say that this beer is great, so flavoursome and smooth; so thanks for the tip. :grin:

    Good work.
  20. The ingredients list: Brewing Water, Pale Ale Malt, Chocolate Malt, Oats, Sugar, Hops, Yeast, Natural Chocolate Flavouring.

    Whatever they have done, they have done it well. This evening we are going to have the second bottle with the chocolates we got from the Chocolate Mill near Daylesford today, once the kids are asleep and we don't have to share. :cool: :LOL: