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A tip for people who drop their bikes fairly often.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by vicj0r, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. I bought a bike that is pretty tough and although I HATE to drop it ... it is inevitable because I am learning how to do wheelies and after that I'll be trying stoppies.

    So I got this tip from the head mechanic, where I bought my bike, after I mentioned how annoying it is to have to sit around waiting after the engine floods when the bike goes down.

    He says turn the fuel off and rev the bike softly while starting it ... once it starts up and sputters out, switch the fuel back on, restart and ride away. Yeah it seemed bloody obvious after he told me ... but thats the thing about being a n00b ... you have a lot to learn. :)

    Not sure if this technique is bad for modern sports motors (I seriously doubt it) but it works without any problem for my bike.
  2. Ohh Ohh! I have another tip,

    Don't attempt wheelies and stoppies, and you won't drop it as often.

    Neat huh?
  3. Shame I don't have an off switch for fuel.. Guess I'll have to just not drop my bike.
  4. But seeing all the wheelie/stoppie carnage on Youtube is why I got a bike :)

    I guess I haven't dropped it that many times ... but I have used this tip twice now :)
  5. Don't listen to 'em vicj0r!

    I'm half-planning the purchase of an old F4i in between my current bike and my proper upgrade, so I can learn a couple of the more outrageous aspects of riding a bike.

    ... I simply believe if you're going to have a $15000 sports bike, you may as well be able to pop a wheelie next to a school-bus-load of applauding kids without crashing and making a knob of yourself.

    More power to ya.
  6. F4i not a 'propper upgrade'? :D
  7. How can you drop a bike while doing a wheelie or a stoppie, its like impossible, unless your going over your skill level.

    You can pull wheelies on 250's easy, why would you need to upgrade to a bigger bike? Big bikes only go fast and pull faster wheelies.
  8. Easily; & does not necessarily to be related to skill level. You havent seen
    stunt riders who practice day in day out still drop their bikes?

    Why you think they have oggys or fairing frames? :roll:
  9. What so your talking about slow work? i was thinking that this was about straight line wheelies.
  10. Talking about any stunt move on the bike.
  11. Looks like straight lines to me, i have no idea why your talking about slow work.
  12. Fark! if I dropped my bike as often as these threads go off topic ... I'd have given up riding by now.

    I'll be so much more careful with my post subject next time ... because the tip is ... if you flood it maybe you don't have to sit next to your bike and wait. Even if you only drop your bike once this year while riding well within your skill level ... you might not have to sit next to it waiting before you can start it.

    Unless you have a ZZR250 (according to Phizog) and any other bike without an off position on the fuel tap.

    Of course YMMV ... thanks for your time
  13. When my bikes use to go down, i use to spam the clutch and i really mean spam the clutch and hit the start and it would start just like that, im not sure what the whole theory behind that is but it works for me.

    But that is a useful piece of information thanks for sharing.
  14. ?????????????????
  15. I gave up trying to make sense of it 2mins after it was posted. :LOL:
  16. I know its hard to understand the last post with the spamming clutch thing, not sure how to say excalty what i do, but that was the best i could come up with, it works for me just sharing.

    And the first post, just saying its easy to pull wheelies on a 250(stock).
  17. On that point I'm not going to argue the point because I've never ridden a 250 before.
    Sorry for the misunderstanding. I was referring bikes at the other end of the scale. :oops:
  18. wtf is spamming the clutch..?
  19. Squeeze the clutch in and out extremely fast.