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A timely reminder....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by lil, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. With Summer fast approaching and the weather warming to "full-gear-yukky-sticky" temperatures, have a read to remind yourself why you spent all those $$$ on gear in the first place.....

    Found on another forum

  2. That is hectic i feel sorry for her!
  3. ..ouch.. that IS why i spent so much on leathers...
  4. :shock: :shock:

    that sucks
  5. What an inspirational trooper...
  7. WOW Thats some serious road rash.... makes me feel ill looking at it.

  8. An amazing read. She has level of courage and determination that you don't see very often.

    Those skin grafts sound like a nightmare that never really ends. I'll try my hardest to remember this article when the temps hit the 35-40's this summer.

    On a side note, the rider who was taking her for spin was extreamly stupid. How fast do you reckon you would have to go to rip a pillion off the back? Wouldn't the increased pressure on your body as your pillion is trying to hold on a wake up call that your going to bloody fast?

    I hope her dad kicked his ass around the block a few times.
  9. Thanks for putting that link up lil - really makes you take a back step and re-think some things!

    How we we feel if that had happened while we had someone on the back...
  10. After experiencing a loved one have an accident even more serious that one, I feel a deep sadness in my stomach reading that. A very tough way to learn a lesson that she will never forget.

    BUT, she's alive, and living her life, all power to her :grin:
  11. she is a real trooper alright, very strong woman. I always wear my gear but after reading that and seeing the pics i will never NOT ride without my gear on. I wish her all the very best
  12. I'd like to relate a story. It was New Year's Day, 1975. We'd had, as you'd expect from a bunch of teenagers, a BIG night for NYE. It was a hot day and we were keen to go for a swim in a local lake.

    Staying at a mate's place, which was a farm, we all jumped on our bikes to head up to the dam. One of the mate's girlfriend was wearing what we called "hot pants" or jean shorts, thongs and a t-shirt. We encouraged her to put on her jeans, runners and to at least wear a jumper. She refused, saying that it was too hot.

    Anyway, the ride invariably turned into a race amongst some of us, with the front runner coming to grief on a corner of this dirt track. His Honda SL350 (2 cyl road bike converted to a "trail" bike) wasn't a very good bike, and hence wasn't suited to such riding, as the rider found out. It resulted in about half a dozen of us piling up. Meanwhile, the mate with the girlfriend on the back was taking it easy. But it wasn't enough.

    As he rounded the bend he had the choice of ploughing into bikes and people picking themselves up or taking his chances with the shrubbery. He chose the latter.

    Unfortunately, said shrubbery consisted of blackberry bushes, which as you know, are thorn ridden.

    Now, while she didn't end up like the woman in that article of Lil's, she was scratched almost head to foot. Lots of bleeding, and later on, thorn removal taught her a valuable lesson. That she chose it to never ride on a bike again was a bit regretable, I s'pose.
  13. Stories like this are a very sad reminder that we have to gear up even if we're just heading to the shops! I always shake my head when I see someone tear past at speed while wearing t-shirts or singlet tops, sometimes with shorts on.
  14. Stories like this are a very sad reminder that we have to gear up even if we're just heading to the shops! I always shake my head when I see someone tear past at speed while wearing t-shirts or singlet tops, sometimes with shorts on.
  15. That really does suck, leathers all year round is the only way to go. :)
  16. She's pretty cute too...

    So there it is: If you are hot, WEAR LEATHERS.
    If not, wear what you want.

    But seriously each to their own.
  17. So, no compulsory leathers for you then mate?

    *Runs to Canberra*
  18. Ahhhhh Haggis, my old sparring partner.
    How the hell are you?
    Bike still spontaneously combusting?
  19. Yikes

    lil, thanks for the post.

    Through a mixture of good luck and good management I have stayed shiney side up through nearly a year of commuting on a scooter; always wearing helmet, gloves, jacket, boots .......... and waterproofs over normal street pants when wet (oh yeah - and pants all the time :) ).

    Well, that story has motivated me to buy some Draggin Jeans tomorrow!

    Why tomorrow? Well that's the first opportunity to take my daughter along (CBR250RR daily commuter).

    I think that anyone who acts on this post should mention that we saw it on Netrider - Vic and co can just wait for the advertisers to queue up then!
  20. Yeah, the instant I read this story I though "I need some good draggin jeans" cause I'm only riding with normal jeans.

    On that point, does anyone know if jeans provide added protection over standard pants (if any?)