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A Tiger in Canberra

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jekka, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. Hi all
    I'm Jek (needed a 4 letter username). I bought a 2015 Triumph Tiger XRx in August last year after riding a DL650 Vstrom for about 5 years. If you read any reviews of the XRx when it came out, you probably saw photos of my bike, as it was used in the Australian launch and it appeared in several of the major magazines and websites. I purchased it as a demo and now ride everyday, rain or shine. I'm planning on a major trip from Canberra to Karijini National Park in WA then down the west coast and back in September / October. I'll start a thread about that at some stage, looking for tips and advice.

    I work as an ecologist, primarily doing research and management on freshwater fish but also dabble in other areas of conservation ecology. That gives me plenty of opportunities to pursue my interest in photography and also basically just getting out bush and playing in rivers and lakes.

    I'm also on CanberraRiders and the RAT forum. Looking forward to contributing to this forum.

    Stop chasing shadows
    Just enjoy the ride


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  2. Welcome mate.
  3. Welcome :cool:

    How do you compare the strom and the tiger?
  4. Welcome to NR...

    We need some morw ecological people on this forum. ;)
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  5. I read one review that stated the XRx is the best handling bike of all time. Now, I'm biased, but even I wouldn't go that far. I actually feel like I'm not totally at ease with its abilities yet but maybe thats just because after riding the Vstrom everyday for 5 years it felt like a part of me by the end of that time. The Tiger is smoother, more refined, more powerful, more comfortable and has the electronic gadgetry, but you would expect that for the extra dollars. The Tiger feels better balanced on the loose stuff, which leads me to being more confident. I'm definitely not a skilled dirt rider. Im just hoping the Tiger is as reliable as the Vstrom. I never had a single mechanical issue with that bike. Great value for money. If you are after a bike that will be your commuter, take you touring down the highway, have some fun on the twisties then get you down a dirt road to your campsite then both will do that. It just depends on whether you are budget-conscious or are after a few mod cons.
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  6. And Librans
  7. I know. They're the best. ;)

    A bit lazy at times but worth their weight in gold.

    I presume you're one as well..
  8. welcome aboard :)
  9. Welcome Jekka,
    From my limited experience with the (older model) XR tigger I would agree that it does everything extremely well (that was a rental). I came close to finding its limits in sand but that was probably down to tyres and my lack of dirt experience. As for best handling bike of all time, if I didn't have orange blood nowadays I might be tempted to agree.
    Sounds like a great lifestyle, BTW.
  10. G'day JekJek, and (belatedly) welcome to Netrider.

    I'm browsing through your Flickr photo-stream and I really do like your content there - some of the photos of your Triumph Tiger would do well in the Photo(s) from your ride thread here on Netrider.
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  11. Hi JekkaJekka and belated welcome from me also. Can't wait to see your thread on this trip. Karijini NP is the best kept secret in Australia.
  12. Thanks. I did add a few in one post. I'll certainly add some more after a few more adventures

    It does seem to be. I've seen some awesome images from there but a lot of people haven't heard of it. Have you been?
  13. I found your post in the thread and I had seen and rated it - awesome. There must be something about owning black V-Stroms and accomplished photographers; there's another member who also regularly posts quality photos in that thread - NosohNosoh - who also owns a black DL650 (although I know you now have a Tiger).
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  14. I have been to Karijini, back in 2003 on a three month WA outback trip (4x4). 3 months was not long enough, Some of the gorge walks are a little challenging, but you will kick yourself if you don't do them all. I hope they haven't touched it too much and it remains as challenging as I remember them to be. It would be a shame if you couldn't do the spider walk because some safetycrat has decided that too many tourists are breaking bones!
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  15. welcome jek- 1911 awesome photos on flickr !!! look forward to seeing you post pics on this site too...

    QUOTE="XJ6N, post: 2967509, member: 49070"]G'day JekJek, and (belatedly) welcome to Netrider.

    I'm browsing through your Flickr photo-stream and I really do like your content there - some of the photos of your Triumph Tiger would do well in the Photo(s) from your ride thread here on Netrider.[/QUOTE]
    how good is the first page of that thread xj6n? classic stuff.
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  16. GDay Jek welcome ...yep l can vouch for Karigini being a great kept secret l live about 50klms away from them in Tom Price....and also went with the Trumphy but it's bigger brother the Explorer mainly for the shaft drive and yep l find the Triumph to be a great bike to explore Aust lve had mine almost 12 mths now n already racked up 18,500 on her....the only thing that pulls her up really is sand but being a big bike you've got to accept that aye....you with the 800 should just sail thru it being a lighter bike.
    Hope you enjoy the country up this way when you get here, if you drop into Tom Price which l reckon ya will n if lm on days off might run into ya around town there are a few TIger 800's up here so ya won't be on ya lonesome ha ha ha
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  17. Thanks PB! Knowing a local up that way can make all the difference so I appreciate the offer. The rough plan at this stage is to only call through Tom Price on my way from karijini to the coast, but who knows. Its a fairly fluid schedule. And I'm definitely not a sand rider - going to stick to the hard stuff whenever I can but no doubt there will be places I want to see where I will have to test my abilities.
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  18. I bought a 2013 tiger 800 a couple of months ago after riding a rented one from Perth to QLD last year. They are fantastic on a road trip and Karajini is a great destination. Have a great trip.
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  19. JekkaJekka what a most amazeballs trip you have planned! Funny how your intro has taken a few months! ;)

    Well well now that explains a little about the going bush and photos - as a fellow behavioral ecologist, I can totally say that I wholeheartedly understand the pinging off into the bush with a camera pass time ! Lol cashing furrier,fluffies and nature is very satisfying (especially when you catch that ONE photo...).

    Due to short legs I can't say how good the tiger is to ride, or a Vstrom for that matter, but the Tiger sure has a nice comfy pillion seat, nice grab rails and a good backrest top box! :D

    Can't wait to follow your trip thread!!
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  20. hey JekkaJekka, your work and hobbies tie in nicely with your riding, your are indeed fortunate - looking forward to seeing some of those pics
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