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A thankyou to a stranger after my accident today on Westgate

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Brij, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. To the guy that pulled over this morning and stopped traffic in two lanes on the westgate freeway out near Laverton whilst I got my bike to the side of the road, incase you're on the netrider site thank you. You were a saint!

    What caused this.....

    Well, I had my first accident today. Decided to get a bit friendly with the car infront of me on the westgate freeway. Traffic was crawling, tried to move into the gap in the right hand lane, looked back from my head-check and hello stationary traffic.

    My first decent stoppie. Unfortunately aided by the bumperbar of the vehicle infront. I landed on the tank first (ouch, my intestines!) after doing what probably looked like an impersonation of a fraggle and then ended up on the ground. Not a scratch on me, just some internal bruising. Driver of the vehicle helped me pick up the bike.

    The individual who helped me, being a rider himself, had already pulled up his car by the time I got off the ground. He helped me start the bike again and bent out my gear lever for me and stayed with my whilst I got my head together before I took off again. Asked me how long I'd been riding and gave me some tips for future reference.

    The 10 minutes of your time that you spared for me saved me several hours and much dispair that I probably would have suffered if I had not been able to ride my bike afterwards.

    I've pulled up 4 times in the last two weeks to try and assist other bikes I've seen stopped at the side of the road, it's nice to see other riders looking out for each other.
  2. Wow Brij, hope you and the bike are ok.

    No more crashy crashy. Now you know, it's no fun.
  3. glad to hear you're in one piece. And even better that you're not making excuses for the crash. People who make excuses don't learn and tend to do it again......

    And good on the dude for helping and not abusing.
  4. Re: A thankyou to a stranger after my accident today on West

    Yep ouchy!

    I've hurt my errr....um.....intestines before too.
    Glad your O.K.
  5. Its really great to see riders help each other out like this :)

    Rest assured i will always stop and help should i see a fellow rider in trouble!

    Big up to the dude who stopped for brij too!
  6. ouch Brij,

    not good to hear about your off, glad to hear you sound like you got off without any serious injuries and hopefully there isn't to much damage to bike either, btw what are you now riding, did you get the spada fixed?

    Cheers stewy
  7. Ouch Brij...
    Don't go doing that Sh!t, it's bad for your health.
  8. How are you feeling the day after?

    ...and please don't do that again because we like you in one piece!
  9. Hey Brij..happy to hear you're alright. :) :) :)
  10. Sorry to hear about the stack... hope there wasn't too much damage. It's amazing how the kindness of a stranger can make a terrible situation into a bearable one. :)
  11. Bummer about your drops, Brij and Bullet. We can all stuff up once in a while. Hope any injuries heal without drama.

    Definitely a warm and fuzzy feeling to have someone pull over and help out :grin:
  12. Brij, sorry to hear of the ooopsie. I hope you and the Spud mend quickly.
  13. Hope your 'intestines' are feeling better Brij :wink:
    Dont stress about some of the negative comments made by :roll:

    IMHO, PP needs to get his head outa the paper for 5 min, and stop focusing on conspiracy theories, and 'the world is doomed'
    posts, he may actually realise that there is life outside his 'bubble'.
    A life filled with 'people' who make mistakes, recognises them and gets on with it

    This book MAY help him ..

  14. Brij, any accident you can walk away from is a good one. Well done to all concerned, rider, car driver and helper.
  15. Sorry to hear you fell off Brij. I hope the bruising is minor. Credit to the guy who stopped and helped.

    I still have issues with head checks in traffic, particularly when splitting, or trying to. I just keep 80% of my concentration forward, use the mirrors a lot, and try to be very aware of what's going on around me. Still, I have nearly been caught out as you were.

    Keep smiling. :grin:
  16. Fark me

    Will you idiots stop the crap?
    I'm locking this thread now took me ages to clean it up.
    [mod] me too
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Not open for further replies.