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A thankyou and a whinge.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by flexorcist, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. Thankyou very much to Kon from Peter Stevens for your help on Tues/Wed. He was an absolute champ I can't think him enough for not only stopping but being completely honest with everything and offering me his number in case I needed help later on. Without asking anything in return. When I'm back at work a 6 pack comes your way mate.

    Why aren't I at work??? Here comes the biatch. I can't ride for 6 weeks as I've fractured my jaw in 2 places and got out of hospital after spending 40 hours with no food and no water "fasting" only to have my op continually cancelled. Please be careful guys facial injuries hurt.

  2. Bugger- fill us in on the rest of the story.....
  3. the Kon story- change a rear wheel bearing... was missing a spacer me thinks from last time i sent the bike to the mechanics, hence why my i'll never touch bikes myself theory is out the window, they forgot it. won't say where. they do good work just not when he gets his apprentice to do it. anyways Kon helped me and dad line the wheel up on Geelong road and told me a little more about what was wrong. as to the fractured jaw not really sure.... i know of 3 or 4 fights i walked away from and my blood test 2 hours after was .24 so i'm assuming i just got into a fight with the wrong person. I've NEVER started a fight before, I guess this is why. I didn't start on anyone smaller than me, and most were bouncers. Shouldn't have done that lol.
  4. Doesn't matter if an apprentice does the work, the shop/tradesman should supervise the work and check it at certain points.
    Not the apprentice's fault, teh shop's fault, and you should aviod the shop, as that is a sign of very poor quality control.
    Shame about your jaw, that's why I don't go out and drink, too many heroes want to have a go.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. jeez, mate, bad luck (or bad strategy!) about the broken jaw.

    Well, it gives you six weeks to polish and detail your bike to within an inch of its life, eh???
  6. 40 hour famine eh? lol, its easy after 10 hours! :p spose not if you're injured..

    I'm so getting some of you to sponsor to sponsor me next year :D
  7. i'll sponsor you dude trust me it really sucks when you're allowed to swivel water around your mouth to rinse the blood out and that's all you get :grin:
  8. that sounds like a familiar story.... It wasnt anywhere particualrly... er... local... was it?
  9. Damn. With a BAC that high, you probably won the fights only to fall over and smash your jaw on the bar. :p
  10. :LOL:

    sorry, shouldnt laugh....but had similar experience and it brought back memories. happy healing dude :)
  11. yeah it was local (yes you do know where, they overquoted me really badly when the work was done too) and he's a really good bloke and does really good work. if you know him, he likes your bike etc etc.... unfortunately he's a boxer so if i want to take up an issue with him at the pub i'll come out worse than i am now lol....

    i don't want to scare anyone off there though because they aren't the worst place. but i wouldn't recommend them to anyone.
  12. mate.... and all adam ended up with was a black eye... you shouldn't have taken him on... :)

    if you need any one to give your bike a run. will be more than happy ;)

    see you up at qube soon
  13. yes well i was there yesterday fat face and all mr eddy.... just waiting for these stitches... i can't go 6 weeks without drinking during the festive season. it's been since wednesday and i already snuck a mouthful of vodka in... burn baby burn that did. just hanging to hit the beer again. tess rang me today eduardo, she reckons stitches only last 7 days or so and if they're not dissolvable she'll pull em out. she's a nursing student, and i'd really like her to give me a sponge bath. :grin:
  14. Nuff said. I know where just from that statement. :LOL:

    Poor kid, he's got to learn somewhere but my bike won't be going anywhere near them just in case. :wink: Pity though cause anyone else doing the work there is terrific. :grin:
  15. So, someone broke your jaw at the pub...

    Was she hot?!?!
  16. You're a funny little man Ktulu - I don't remember :grin: