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. . . a test of humanities conscience !

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. Okay, now time for a deep discussion !

    I was thinking about this on the drive to work this morning - the current financial crisis engulfing the world at the moment is becoming a test for the morals of the western world and mankind as a whole really needs to look at itself !!

    Just think about this . . . for years there has been millions of people in 3rd world countries living in poverty, disease, hunger etc for decades with little hope of ending the cycle for the following generations.

    In the US, rich banking folk f*ck it up and within a week the reserve Banks of the US, Japan, Europe and now Australia will be releasing trillions of dollars to rescue these banks from melt down.

    It makes you think doesn't it how such swift action of finding money can be implemented immediately, but releasing money to help those in desperate need for lifes basic needs for survival can't be solved ! :?

    I know this is a simplistic view of looking at it, but somehow I'm starting to make sense of the rantings of people like Bono and Geldoff to end global poverty. . . . .
  2. and those same reserve banks insist on those poor countries repaying their debts (or more likely just the interest on those debt) at the expense of the living conditions of their countryfolk.

    Face it. the world is run by the rich and powerful for the benefit of the rich and powerful
  3. As it has been for all time and will be for all time. It only chjanges when someone decides that they want to become rich and powerful.
  4. Yeah it's pretty ironic. How about the many times the UN has to stand by and watch genocide being conducted into the hundreds of thousands. But when someone farts near an oil rig the US are straight in there supposedly stopping terrible dictators from bastardising the innocent population. The world stinks when you watch it closely and mans greed knows no bounds. From a good point of view though individuals can often surprise and occasionally the kindness of strangers prevails.... just it's rarely reported, noticed or applauded
  5. You can pump as much money as you like into 3rd world countries....
    See Zimbabwe as a more recent and prime example.
    While their people starve, the leaders live in sickening luxury & decandence.
  6. its funny how the US will jump on the fact that they look 'a little poor' at the stockmarket but dont care about their own 'poor' people.
    richest and most powerful country eh... they left off dumbest.
  7. Its called capitalism.

    I hate these guys. They rant about donating money, saving the world from poverty blah blah blah, yet they sit in their mulit-million dollar homes and holiday houses, filled with really expensive crap, driving or being driven in expensive cars, flying all around the world etc...

    They stand on their soap box trying to convince people with average incomes they should give away their money; yet they themselves give away very little of what they have.

    Bono is good at singing, he should stick with that.
  8. +1.. got to see his joint in dublin... all i can say is Faarrrkk
  9. +2 Well said!
  10. So true !
    But the message they are preaching for the World Bank to cancel 3rd World debt is exactly what the world reserve banks are doing to rescue the US economy !

    In my opinion, let history take its course - other great empires have fallen in the past. I believe the value of the US dollar will be downgraded and its an opportune time for other powerful nations or economic unions to be on even footing or even a greater economic power than the US.
  11. the 'centre of the world' has changed many times over the years. From the middle east to egypt to rome to... we've had 500 years of western democracy so maybe it's time for someone else to take centre stage. China and India are growth economies and are both feeling their way as world players. Islam is having a resurgence. Maybe even the Africans will get their shit together some day. they can't make a much bigger balls up than 'we' have can they?
  12. I like the idea in George Orwell's 1984 world . . . Oceania !

    C'mon, I reckon Australia and its Oceania cousins can be a super-power ! :LOL:
  13. we should all keep an eye on china. give em another 20 odd years and they will hold the power over most countries..good or bad.. dont know
  14. That is one of the stupidest statements I've read for a while. At least these guys are out there doing something about the causes they believe in, which is more than can be said for most - yourself included no doubt.

    It's easy to be cynical and criticise the work of others than to get off your ass and do it yourself.

    They've earned their money, why can't they enjoy it? :roll:
  15. a) If a true crisis erupts in the global financial system, we're all fcuked.
    b) What do Africans do with aid? In a sentence, it is well-document that they breed :roll: Clearly they are not adherents of Malthus.
  16. And when the poor countries BECOME rich and powerful, they are even worse than the one that have been all along :roll:.

  17. True.

    It's the tall poppy syndrome


    By African standards you are wealthy
    Gonna give up your house and money??

    You'll still be able to get another one in time and the chance to earn dollars.

    What you said was pure bulloks.

  18. these 'people' as in bono etc DO have a lot of money and big houses and so on. but if you ever read how U2 came about it can change your mind a little. and concerts cost a lot to see because they cost a lot to put on.
  19. See that is my problem... what these guys are doing is preaching without action. They appear on ads and at events asking people to donate money. Thats what they are contributing - their words.

    I have no isues with people enjoying the money that their career has earnt them, i have issue when rich people tell people who dont have nearly as much as them, that they need to give money to a cause that they themselves dont support in the same way.

    That is one of the stupidest statements I've read for a while. At least these guys are out there doing something about the causes they believe in

    Unfortunately for the people that are effected by the things that they appear to believe in, something doesn't really cut it. Imagine if instead of ranting on a tv add Bono donated a few mil from his album sales, or if he did both the ad and the donating.

    Doing some quick research Forbes (which i might add Bono has his fingers in) list U2 at number 22 last year on their top 100 celebrity list and reports they earnt $30mil this year alone (look back to see how much they earnt in years gone by)


    By African standards you are wealthy
    Gonna give up your house and money??

    No, but at the same time im not gonna rant on some ad like a hypocrite and ask that you give up yours!

    * Edit - Forbes list was last years, no this years.
  20. The problems of Africa are not going to be solved, no matter how much money you throw at them. As long as the tribes hate each other with millennia-old hatreds, and no-one keeps them apart (hello, useless UN), war and poverty and societal disclocation will always exist. It's a huge advance :)roll:) on the days of colonisation and the civilisation it brought.