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A Taste of the ashpalt

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cintamami, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. yea as per the topic,

    tasted the ashpalt yesterday night about 10.50 p.m. , hoddle street heading toward the eastern freeway, entered the corner with too much speed.

    1nd corner i survived with my foot (on the foot peg) touching the road, 2nd corner was soon coming after i slowed down and went aside a bit, there are sands at the side of the road and walahhhhh me kissing the road.

    God's acts happened:
    1. no oncoming cars on the freeway
    2. no cars were behind me at the time (entering the free way)
    3. for some reason me and my bike were only dragged to the side road, so minimum risk.
    4. 2 good guys stopped and help me with everything, even offered to take me home.

    1. my left ankle hurts as most bruises, nothing's wrong i hope.
    2. my right thumb hurt a bit as well
    3. need a new helmet and jacket.
    4. need bits of pieces for cosmectic damaged done to my bike (Thx God, nothing wrong with the motor, minimum damaged to cosmetics as well)

    Good point:
    1. a reason to take days off work. ;)

    now, the guys who helped me, if you were happened to be here (he said he is an ex-rider and looking to get back soon). Thank you very much Chris. Thx for the helps and the offer. I owed you one. I am a qualified accountant, i cant help with bike, but any accounting related shoot me a pm lol. haha at least you proved not all commy drivers are bogans ;) lol jk.

    Lessons to Learn ( HARRDDDDDDDd !!!!)
    2. this sounds crazy, but about 2 weeks ago i was planning to upgrade to 600 (please dont flame me, i was addicted).
    3. with all these, i learned a lesson to take my time. this time i got off lucky with nothing but bruises and cosmetics damage.

    who knows with 600 what could have happened to me....... or maybe i would had survived that corner ???? hahaha well now i would want to fix my bike myself.... learn a bit of the technical side. hehe.

    enough of my story. stay safe
  2. That corner is stupid. Tight... and with off camber goodness. Marginally better now that they have resurfaced it, but I don't even cane it with my car around there.

    Lesson learnt eh? Glad you are ok. :)
  3. glad to hear only a few sore bones.....though reckon you will be a bit sore today......so did you just run out of ground clearance where it tightens up?
  4. nope,

    the reason really is because of the first corner where my foot hit the road, i thought i needed to slow down, becoz i slowed down i went a bid aside,

    was going to make it through the 2nd corner, but didnt realise that lots of sandy things at the side. imagine, leaning, about 50/60 at the time of the 2nd corner and sands. so walah.

    haha was my faults really, isnt familiar with the condition yet enter with speed. well lesson learnt. need to take it slow....
  5. I don't think it's about taking it slow mate, it's about taking it smart. It sounds like you're not too proud to take some lessons away from this one, the first one being to just lean harder if you're not going to make a corner :cool: and the second is to ride to the conditions.

    But that corner does suck hardcore. I hope you heal up quickly. You should probably get yr ankle looked at pronto in case there is something a bit worse than you think going on.

    Ride Safe
  6. all i can say is keep riding, get some more practice in. your eager like me, thats what caused my first crash. ran wide too. but i know know i coulda made it eeeasy, just look throooough the corner, and turn in harder :grin:
    so did you slide out, coz u were cornering on the sand? or did u run wide coz there was sand u didnt turn hard enough, then into more sand which made you slide out?
    if it was the first, then yeah, riding too fast for the conditions. if second, then you just need to build up confidence in your bike and its abilities. get out onto a nice road with some good sweepers, something that keeps turning for a bit. then practice gonig through at a comfortable pace, and (as long as it's safe) keep pushing harder. the faster you go, then more lean you need to take the corner.
    our VTRs will be scraping exhausts before they wash out :p
  7. i think i was leaning hard enough, thats why i said in the first corner, the tip of my shoe really hit the road, ican feel it, and then i went upward a bit to slow down but 2nd corner is really close the the 1st one, making me went wide a bit.

    because of that i slowed down a little. or because of technique is wrong so my foot hit the road?

    2nd corner, because i slowed down a bit, i ran wide, and yea thats like leaning on a sandy road. hahaha.

    i am so taking the superbike lesson, when i passed my p. ;)

    my ankle is getting better now.
  8. If your shoe hit the road first, you dont have the correct foot position. Pegs should hit first, that will give you more clearance if your foot was in the way :wink:
  9. I wasn't there, but I guess you were braking into the second corner.

    Just as in a car, even if you think you are going too fast, it pays to just try to gently power on and lean it, rather than to try too much braking. It's amazing how far and fast a bike will go under power, not a lot, but just enough to give some drive. It steers better, it handles better under power.

    Many, if not most bikes will tend to run wide under braking...


    Trevor G
  10. will definitely try it when i get better, that corner better prepare itself for my 2nd attack... lol 1st attack i was defeated.

    last night when i thought about it, i did use a bit of braking and i wasnt entirely looking at the exit direction !!!! thats probably why i went wide..... damn it!

    well my ankle keeps getting better.
  11. yeah take it easy before up-ing the CC's
    Yesterday on the way home about a few hundred meters away i just excellerate hard out of a cnr and the throttle stuck. I ride a CBR954 so the speed got up prettty quick and not much room either (probably 150m or so) as there is a left hand cnr so grabbed the front brakes and i can feel the rear get flighty and then im on the front wheel. Anyways pretty scary stuff... i got home adjusted the man jewels and checked the throttle and it snaps back fine, tried it again this morning and its these rubber grips that get caught on the bar ends, will have to get a scalpel out and give it a trim.

    anyways point of the story is that if this happened when i was back on my L's who knows what would have happened. Probably fly into someones house. Mind you while all this was going on that was one of the things that came into my mind.
  12. I was pretty sure i saw an accident around there last night, me & couple of mates were just driving around aimlessly picking fights lol j/k, good to c your ok, was that the ambos i saw? was it near the hungry jacks?
  13. Well I had my first stack last night too... fairly similar story...

    I was being silly and going too hot into a corner and instead of looking through and getting around I jumped on the breaks. The back end got a bit loose and locked up so I just slid into the curb and came to a sudden stop.

    Not a great deal of bike damage, just some fairing scratches and a busted indicator. I have learned my lesson from it not to be a di*k and ride smarter. But life goes on and I am still able to ride, so I am thankful for that :grin:
  14. No worries bud.

    Do my tax return next year?? :grin:

  15. what did it taste like?...ive never been brave enough to try it, usually ~200c when we get it, would burn my tongue!
    if it was made with PMB, it would be chewy, i reckon :grin:
  16. [​IMG] Brother
  17. sorry for the late reply,

    didnt have internet access for 2 days...... believe it or not... hahaha

    MG <- no probs mate, ITR should be easy...... hehehe.
  18. :grin: cintamami