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A tale of woe

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Blaise, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. Firstly, sorry for the wall-of-text but I need to get this off my chest...

    Some might remember the dramas I experienced with my Daytona a couple of years ago when the R/R decided to over-volt the system (turned out to be supplying 17.8V) which fried the ECU, boiled the battery dry and blew every bulb that was on at the time. The bike was off the road for nearly 10 weeks whist parts were sourced from Triumph in the UK and the only reason I managed to get back on the road was through the intervention of Chris from Triumph Australia's head office with the dealer in question. Essentially, after 10 weeks in the shop, they finally decided the R/R was shot and the dealer had to order a new one BUT there was a shortage/backorder coming out of the UK and it looked like I'd be waiting at least another 4 weeks (41 units on backorder and all spoken for). Triumph Australia instructed the dealer to install a shunt-based R/R in my bike until a mosfet-based unit became available and the dealer would call me to come in and get it swapped over. I went to the dealer (24 hours after Triumph Australia told me what was happening) and was informed that I didn't need to come back (again) as they had sourced and installed a mosfet-based R/R. There was a new 675R on the workshop stand and I'd assumed they'd pulled the R/R from this machine and put it in my Daytona. I went over this point a couple of times to ensure I understood them correctly and each time I was assured that I had the revised R/R installed. I never received any further calls from the dealer (and wasn't expecting to anyway) to say they had the replacement unit as I was told that I had the revised unit installed.

    Well, the charging system has failed again and I started to investigate... turns out that depending on the year model, the R/R unit differed so my previous assumption that they'd pulled an R/R from a '11 model machine would have been wrong. I managed to dig up side-by-side photos of an original MY06 R/R unit and the revised/replacement unit (see thumbnails below) and I can confirm that the unit on my bike has the wires emitting directly from the heatsink, not the connector block style and adapter loom employed by the revised unit shown in the photos. Going by the part number isn't an option as Triumph in their infinite wisdom use exactly the same part number for both the old and new R/R. In addition, I've also learnt that the orientation of the fins (when installed) for the revised unit face towards the rear of the bike, not towards the engine (as mine does). Finally, the adapter plate that comes with the replacement kit (shown in the first photo) hasn't been installed on my bike.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Old style R/R shown on the left in both photos.

    I called the dealer up and attempted to explain and rectify the situation insisting that the R/R unit they installed was a shunt based unit, not the diode based unit I was told was installed. Then it started - "that was 2 years ago", "out of warranty" and "there's been a few revisions of the replacement, how would you know it isn't the correct one?". He also explained that the problem might be the stator and/or the R/R so they'd need to look at it so I asked when I could bring the bike in. I was told that he was booked solid for 3 to 4 weeks (what a load of BS... sound more like he doesn't want me to come back). I got off the phone with the dealer, rang Triumph Australia's head office to state my case and asked if I could go to another dealer due to the delay the original dealer quoted. I was informed that as long as it was an official Triumph service centre, it'd be okay. I called the other dealer up once again relayed my story and was told that this has the hallmarks of a political "hot-potato" and I'd be better off attempting to rectify the problem with the service centre who did the original work. I can see his point as he doesn't stand to earn any money for work he might need to perform, plus it might get messy with head office. He did say that if I got into a bind to call him back and they'd see what could be done to help.

    That's the point I'm at now... I'm still riding the bike (it's my primary/only mode of transport) BUT I need to put the battery on charge after each ride as I'm essentially relying on the stored charge of the battery to keep the bike going. I have consciously withheld the name of the original dealer to give then a chance to step up to the plate and fix this problem AT NO CHARGE (assuming that it's not simply a faulty stator). I fervently believed I was lied to by this dealer regarding the R/R and they simply were hoping to fob me off with an "older style" unit... problem is that it appears to have failed again and the (suspected) ruse has been unearthed. Triumph International had an across-the-board recall of their shunt based R/R's due to the number of failures and if it turns out that I do indeed have an old style R/R (pretty likely), I'll be buggered of I'm going to shell out a single cent to have it repaired - especially as I was told I had a mosfet-based R/R installed.

    I haven't booked the bike in as yet but I was wondering if there is anything else I can do besides going back to the original service centre and waiting until they can look at it. Triumph Australia's head office (Chris) was very helpful last time - I hope if I need them, they can help again.
  2. Chris at triumph was help ful when I had similar issues.

    If the service centre has other "branches" book in at one of those branches if they can fit you in faster.
  3. Sounds like Triumph Australia are being pretty helpful, but the dealer in question is not. I would take it somewhere else if possible, Triumph Au should be covering the cost for the dealer, so they shouldn't be out of pocket any, it sounds like the one you took it too just can't be bothered. That or they really are too busy.

    Can Triumph Au send you a replacement one to install yourself? They should just clip in & bolt on...
  4. :unsure:... doubt if under a warranty/recall issue, especially where this could end up a 'hot potato' situation... that they'd send anything direct to the OP to plug 'n play himself.......
  5. Blaise,get them to look at your stator as well,it could be the problem as each one takes the other out
    when not functioning right,also have a digital volt meter installed so you can have some type of warning on your charging system.
    The mosfets are a better r/r,the r/r from the second pics left side looks like my r/r on my honda,strange.
  6. I'm taking it in tomorrow for a look (he's just looking, can't book me in for a month). I have a troubleshooting flowchart for stator/RR and if I don't hear what I want, I'll order my own (better) parts from the States.
  7. The States or UK,i do sometimes order parts when not urgently required,wheel bearings, Stator,r/r,filters ,plugs etc.
    try the Triumph Daytona Forum,probably more info.
  8. I've got a thread up there (posted soon after this one was started).
  9. Btw if bought now it would be in your hands well before the workshop could get your bike in. Tell speedy that 1098madman has purchased before amd i recommended him to you
  10. Forget talking to dealers mate. Triumph needs to start taking care of their customer. Arrange a dealer, arrange a date, and stand in bike while yours is being attended to. Triumph need to step up and drive this for you.
    The other dealers hot potato act was nothing more than laziness or being unwilling to help you at all, because it sounded too hard.
    Go directly to triumph mate. Let them tell you where to take it.

    Good luck.
  11. Thanks guys... I replaced my battery (needed to anyway) and can confirm that the bike definitely isn't charging. With the new battery, before ride 12.6V, after ride 12.27V. I'll start chasing it through Triumph Australia today.