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A tale of torturous testing in Tas

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Iffracem, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. Well, went for the license course/exam thingy to get off the dreaded L's on Sundee.

    Knew it was gunna be a bad day, as I was going down thru the gears before turning right into the Tas Police Academy (where Stay Upright run the courses) I discovered that.. well... it DIDN'T! AAAARGH

    Gear shift down once, changes down, thats it, wouldn't "spring" back, had to gently coax the lever back up with the toe, hoping not to go too far up.

    bugger.... not an auspicious start. Ahh well, I'm there, I paid, give it a go.

    First half of the (practising etc) went well, didn't get out of second really.
    Road ride test, went OK considering the gears, got a good result regardless, woohoo that's I thought.. home and hosed!

    Then the 5 minute slow riding bit, U turn, weave thru the witches hats, brake test and emergency swerve. No problem I thought, no need to get higher than 2nd..

    I stuffed it bad, brain went into neutral, stuffed the weave, and dropped the bundle in the u turn.
    DOOOH! Can't blame the gears, only meself :oops:
    Bloody dissapointed in myself.

    But, the tester was a very understanding guy, like me, thought I was better than that test. He got me to return this arvo after work, to try that part again. So I did, and pissed it in!!!

    Yeh!! So now I'm a "use to be learner", back to where I was 20+ years ago :shock:

    Oh, and the gear problem is fixed, the sidestand when up was hitting on the bottom of the gear lever bellcrank, after 18,500k's of bouncing and hitting, it made enough of a gouge to catch the bellcrank and stop it from returning to centre after a downshift. Bend bend... file file... all fixed.

    So I'm a happy guy... no more stuck at 80k's with a yellow and black target on the bike, no more getting overtaken by buses :shock:

  2. Congrats dude.
    80ks seriously sucks major balls too.
  3. thats great ...congrats Iffracem...(what does your name mean anyway???) I was just wondering ...on L's in tassy..you can only do 80 km/h???...what did you have to do for your P's test???...slalem thru cones?..a swerve test and what else??
  4. Yeah, you can only do 80kph*. On the L's test you don't go over 30kph, which makes me wonder, surely they'd want to know you can handle a bike at 80kph, but anyway.

    * - you're meant to be honest enough to stick to 80kph, in peak hour traffic, holding cars up, when it's looking like it's about to piss with rain, and you'd kinda like to stay somewhat dry.
  5. Congrats on passing the test Iffracem. What a place to have it... at the police academy. Did they have a black guy making sound effects? :roll: Sorry, had to.
  6. 80 max on L's

    P's is road test, followed by u turn, slalom, left turn, brake test, swerve test.

    Iffracem is my Surname, spelt phonetically, backwards.

    There was no black guy making sound effects, Goose.
    I was hoping to see the Commandant saying "turns, and stops and many many other wonderful things" and very glad no Tackleberrys showed up!!!

  7. BOOOO!

    Mecarffy? Dont tease me, according to nodz IQ test i got 103 :D
  8. close enuff McCarthy actually

    call anything, just don't call me late for dinner.

  9. so how do u pronounce iffracem then...lol...
    if fra cem...iff ra cem...iffra cem???...lol

    I like...If race em.... :D
  10. wot ever you like :p

    Considering what I have been called at times, not much worries me anymore :shock:
  11. Congrats Iffracem!!! Now you just have to get on the boat and come over for coffee night :D
  12. Congrats JJ hope the Vic one is easier my L's expire in 2 mths but I'm seriously thinking of extending them!
  13. Just do it Bond girl!!... My problems were mine alone, I got my head all messed up. (more than usual that is :wink: )

    They'll spend ages just practising the stuff, and give you tips on making it easier. They got us to practise with teh witches hats etc a lot closer together than the test has.

    You've got a CB250, that'll help heaps, I and two others used our Across and ZZr's, all passed OK (eventually), the CB users blitz it in.

    The test is basically the same, although I think Tas is a little harder on the U turn. Test itself takes 5 minutes.

  14. Hey Bond Girl

    You should have no problem passing the test. If you been riding you bike, which you have, then you should not have anything to worry about. I think you rode more in your first 12 months on your L's than a lot of people on their full license.

  15. Nice use of alliteration in the title, and congrats on your P's! :)

    I doubt they'd let us give it another go like that in NSW. They enjoy making us pay for an additional test too much methinks.
  16. congrats iffracem. you guys seems to have a different test than we do. we don't have a road test at all that i remember.

    and bondgirl, don't sweat on the test, i left mine to the last minute to do it and absolutely breezed through. Iffracem is right, you spend a majority of your time practising for the test and a small matter of moments actually doing the test. And seeing as you have been riding a great deal you should pass with flying colours. Take the plunge and good luck!
  17. I'm finally booked in to do the level 1 course, only problem is, it's too far away, 15 May!!! I should have booked a couple of months ago, then maybe I'd have done it by now and be riding. Since I'm fully licenced with a car, I'm gonna try and do a shirt load of riding to build up my skills, and then go for the P test as soon as i'm ready. Won't have to stick to 80 kays for too long that way.
  18. Is there no 80kmh limit when your on your P's here Iffracem??? :D:D:D
  19. If you have a FULL car license, then nope, no 80k restriction, just 250 restriction for a year.

    If your on P's for a car.. then you go straight to that level of restrictions

    No licence, then sorry to say, it's just like being on L's, but with a P (no BAC, 250, no pillion, etc etc etc

    Old farts 8) can even get an exemption for the 250 bit :LOL:

    Scariest thing when I was on learners... 80 k's in a 110 zone 8-[