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A tale in 2 parts

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chairman, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. You need to read both parts of this to get an idea of my day - it's one of those "best of times, worst of times" stories.

    I doscovered an unpleasant side of myself today. I am normally pretty even-tempered but...

    Riding down Glenferrie Road today, past the Malvern shops, a driver pulls a u-turn from a parking spot, straight across my bows, and props in the middle of the road. Hard under brakes, I pulled up inches from his door.

    I lost it - the dark side took over. I let go with a torrent of abuse, in a voice I haven't used since I was a Cadet sergeant over twenty years ago.

    He wound down the window and reponded in kind. I shouldn't even be there, he said (this was confusing - where else should I be?). Then he accuses me of nearly giving him a heart attack. I pointed out that, under the circumstances, that would have been getting off lightly ( I think I was a little less polite than this - most of the shoppers in Glenferrie Road had now stopped to watch). Finally, I shouted "You're in my way F*wit - MOVE" to which he drove away.

    Now I'd normally be a bundle of nerves after this. The strange thing was that I was icy cold. I started the bike and rode away.

    Now for the other half of my day. Many of you will know Brighton Kawasaki. The owner, Ken Nixon, used to service my bike many years ago when I had my first bike - a Suzuki T250 Hustler. Back then he had a tiny shop in Elsternwick - the front door was almost too narrow to get the handlebars through and you couldn't turn around for wall-to-wall bikes under repair.

    When my current bike needed a RWC, I rang Ken and made an appointment. He did the inspection personally, while I waited.

    Today I got home to find a parcel in my letterbox, stamped "Brighton Kawasaki". I was a bit worried - problems with the roadworthy, maybe? I opened the parcel to find a nearly-mint condition service manual for my SR500. Ken had found the manual amongst some other papers, gone back through the roadworthy reports to get my address and posted it to me as a gift.

    So this post is to say "yah boo, sucks to you" to the clown who cut me off, and to give a BIG public thank you to Ken.
  2. All right Ken!!!! 8)
  3. I vot Ken travel's around oz at taxpayer cost, showing othersthe correct method of customer relations

    The man's a gem, buy him a beer/shot/dram/glass from me, I'll pay you back if/when we ever meet.

  4. Hi Chairman.. hehehe ;). what a gimp ;). I've only lost it a handful of times (when drunk--
    younger days).. which I don't do anymore.

    A few weeks ago, I had a funny incident with an old aged pensioner who lost it at
    me for overtaking him illegally (horns, high beams, helling the works)-- a problem
    clown who does 25/kmh everyday.. and who does not use the slow pass lanes.
    Very self centred. I just smiled a waved at him. The old fart calmed down after a