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A tale about Action Parramata.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by munecito, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. Two weekends ago a man went to Action Motorcycles in Parramata, with money in his pocket and decided in getting a bike.

    He walked up and down the showroom and not one salesman approached him or gave him attention, so this man tired of being waiting for service walked away... With his money still in his pocket.

    So this man who was still determined to get a bike was checking the local newspaper and received the visit of his son who suggested him to have a look at the tradingpost online. They did it and found a beautiful CB250RSIF advertised with just over 6000Kms and with plenty of warranty left. They decided to call the seller and arranged a time to go and see the bike.

    The man rode bikes a long time ago and he was just coming back to bikes after about 40 years so he got his learners permit but didn't have the gear yet so his son who also rode bikes before took the shinny CB250RSIF for a test ride.

    When the young man returned to the seller's house his dad asked him if the bike was as good mechanically as it was aesthetically. His son answered: Yes.

    So this man looked at the seller and made an offer that was accepted straight away. The man put his hand in his pocket and handed $500 as a deposit for this bike and told the seller that the rest of the deal would be closed the next day, and away he went.

    The next day the seller delivered the motorcycle with a kind of mixed feelings. He got the rest of the money and the paperwork and bike changed hands.


    I really hope someone at Action is reading this because this time they helped me out, but the last few times that I had dealt with their accesories and parts department I have noticed that the service was poor. Specially from the blonde guy with the eyebrow piercing in accesories in the city branch who is at Parramata on sundays. His customer handling skills and knowledge are shocking.

  2. nice parable.....
  3. I got my zzr there. Same thing, was walking around checking out bikes, not one person asked for our help. This is on a saturday (the busiest day) mind you!

    After asking for some help from a manager, a guy who had avoided walking near us (and had gone and sat at his desk to eat lunch) was told to come help us. He was annoyed at the disruption and very disinterested in making any attempt to help us. He wasn't trying to sell us anything, I was trying to buy from him - I had to ask him every question, he didn't say anything apart from answering me and he wasn't even looking at us most of the time.

    So he just stood there whilst dad and I inspected the bike we were interested in then made an offer. The store manager took care of the rest.
  4. I bought that exact bike from there too but my salesman (I think his name is Luke) was very helpful. He showed me all his second hand bikes that were in my budget and ran me through the characteristics, pros and cons of each one of them. He was such a good salesman that I ended up blowing my budget and getting a brand new bike.

    That same day the guy who was in charge of accesories was really helpful and patient while I tried helmets, jackets and he even knocked off the price of the already discounted jackets that according to him couldn't be discounted any further.

    One day in the city one of the salesmen also approached to me while I was waiting and showed me some bikes but I think he lacked a bit of knowledge about what he was selling.

    Since then the service had been shocking. I went three weeks in a row with my wife to try some helmets for her and no one approached to us to offer us some help with sizing and features of the helmets. They even said no when we asked them to hold a helmet for us to get it the following week allegating that the helmet was on sale and they weren't going to hold it.

    So in the end we got the helmet from MCAS the day we wanted it and they held it for us without having to pay a deposit or anything. You know how it goes, please them once and they will return, piss them off and and they won't come back or give praises about you.

  5. Nice story well done!

    It takes 8 times as much money to get a new customer than keep an old one.

    Please a customer they tell 1, piss them off they tell 10. Well it was 10 before the internet. :LOL:

    Now people are going to bang on about well you should approach the sales people etc etc, but fcuk em it's their bloody job to serve customers and sell stuff, it is not your job to buy stuff.
  6. Well in the helmet trying days I asked one of the salesmen to give us a hand with sizing and he said. Just try different sizes. So how does she know if its a good fitting. And he replied. if it feels good it is the one.

    Using that bit of info my wife would have gotten the Large or Extra Large helmet because they were the ones that "gave her more room inside and didn't press her cheeks" (the ones in the face you dirty minded people).

    As you said man, it is their job to sell stuff if they are not happy with that I go elsewhere. I don't mind to pay an extra couple of bucks for the same thing if I get the assistance I need.

  7. I bought some leathers from Actions in Parra bout 12 months ago and found their service to be awesome! Some of the best ever.
    Good advice and even got a BIG discount off sticker price without even asking!!!
    Sales assistant really knew her stuff!

    I would go back any day based purely on this one experience....
  8. I reckon service in all shops has decreased in recent years. Seems to have coincided with the rise of the internet...
  9. Oh boy...where to start!

    Action ANYWHERE are appalling at doing ANYTHING! I tried to buy the F4i through the Parramatta shop and it all went well until it turned out the bike wasn't even at the Parramatta store(I knew what I wanted so was ready to buy new on spec). It was at the city store, which I thought was a bonus as I live walking distance from that store. But when I turned up at the city store to arrange delivery they couldn't be more disinterested. It was a huge drama just getting them to serve me let alone do anything after they found out I was guy buying their bike through the Parramatta store. It isn't my fault they don't like their own franchising arrangements. After all the Parramatta store had said THEY had the F4i. I had expected that after dropping 15K on a new bike I might have at least got some sort of service, but no. They eventually mustered someone to sort it out and he spoke in mono-syllables only and then walked off without saying a thing as soon as we were done. As far as picking the thing up, it wasn't "Congratulations, you should really love this bike. Oh and watch out for the new slippery tyres." It was again mono-syllables and then they virtually tossed the keys at me and said "It's out the front" and then walked off. Swore I would never buy a bike from them again.

    Being close to home I tried them for service - always had to wait at least 4 weeks to book in, they never rang to tell me it was ready - I had to chase them and then they did a dodgy repair job that almost cooked the engine.

    As a last resort I tried their spares department after I had a low speed drop and needed an indicator stalk and mirror. "Yeah, we have them in stock." So I go trundling down there. They couldn't remember the conversation from 30 minutes previous and then they didn't end up having all the parts in stock! Absolutely f%^&ing useless in all respects.
  10. I agree, Action in Parra need to pull their finger out.

    I bought my last bike there, and back then (years a go) the service was OK, but not great.

    When I went looking for my new bike (a month a go) I was in there for 15-20min looking at 2 bikes, sitting on them looking all over, and still no salesman. I then approached a guy & he said someone will be with me in a minute. 15 minutes later I left the store without even speaking to a single salesman!!
    Very POOR form Action... if any at Action is reading this - please take note of our experiences!!!

    I ended up buying my bike at a different shop, on the other side of town, just because the service was far better. Thats $11000 that Action missed out on.
  11. I always find that sitting on the most $$$ bike you can find on the showroom floor with that "I don't really know what I'm doing" look on your face generally gets their attention.....

    Action in Parra sell MV's from memory?....... perfect.......
  12. Loved bikes, rode them all my life, had a business idea and opened a bike shop. Did extremely well, end up with a couple of mil, houses, cars and kids. Then stepped back to enjoy my money and life and boats, left the place to be run by a good bloke I knew, only asked him to make sure money are keepon comin.. And they did. This bloke, not his business, not so good at it, try to please me as much, fires couple of the staff and hires temps on a basic salary. Job done, middle age crises men and teenage boys with buckets of testosterone keep on coming… Those weekend temps, been told to smile and be helpful, don’t really give a damn, pissed off that their mates are having a nice weekend but they don’t, pissed off that they are wasting their weekend for $100 to pay their credit card. They see Will coming in, they look the other way..
    Maybe competition will erase Action off the map, maybe internet, maybe netrider! The person who does care the least is the “Action Manâ€. He is laughing at us.. So maybe we should do the same, turn our backs to him and just go somewhere else..
    PS.. and here is a plug.. Have you tried Brian Connor's Motorcycle Centre in Brookvale? Go and check what customer service really is…
  13. Been there. Talked to Brian, he was brutally honest when checked my bike, so honest about it that I ended up trading her in for the KLE.

    He took his time to check my bike and explained to me why I shouldn't put any money in it and said that even if I didn't hear to what he said he wouldn't take my money because it was going to be one of those once a week visitors because of its age.

    Now that is customer service.