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A tail of ouchies & thanks

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by thewolf, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. Let's see, my second 'real' ride, so to speak, down the peninisula to Tyabb.

    Taking it easy as the bike is still running in and took the highways down instead of the Freeways.

    Then it happens, had to stop at a large roundabout, horse float behind me, not quiet 100% sure I managed to get the bike down into first properly, start to take off, throttle to high, clutch too fast. Up on the rear wheel, and the though 'Damn it I'm going to damage the bike!' runs through my head.

    After picking myself and the bike up run it onto the side of the road, 'into the long grass' where it falls again. then a couple of guys, one with obvious biking experience (and more than *I* have) stopped in their cars and helped me get the bike up right, then straightened out again.

    Damage, scratches on the fairing I'm not going to worry about, a busted front left indicator, and a sore hand and knee.

    Good thins
    The assistance and good words from the guys who helped, It turned what could have been a nightmare into a relatively painless experience.

    The (ouchies) Wolf
  2. Fellow motorcyclists are always there to help. Glad you got away from it (relatively) unscathed.
  3. You clutch wheelied on your 2nd ride on a ninja 250r? I'm impressed :D
  4. Smooth release of the clutch and easy on the throttle take a bit of time to master so just put it down to all part of the learning curve. May i suggest practising take off's in a carpark and getting used to the two above techniques. Fellow bikers and anyone who has some compassion will always give you a helping hand. Stay safe...........
  5. Had the same thought.

    Unlucky on the off, still any er 'landing' you walk away from is a good one.

    Now, stop riding from the pillion seat ;)
  6. Plus eleventy billion on this!

    I mean, great that you didn't hurt yourself badly, and that people stopped to help, but what the hell were you doing??!!!

    Get out there and practice some more, off the roads. Emergency stops, quick evasive actions, takes offs, slow manoeuvring, clutch and throttle control.

    Then when you get into the next "oh shit" moment where you have misjudged a corner, road, obstacle, or something, at least you will be able to handle the bike properly, without having to think about it.
  7. Thanks for the feedback,

    And I think I will take pride in doing a wheelie when I bring the bike DOWN back on two wheels and hang on. :)

    Actually my biggest issue at the moment is having confidence in being in the right gear when I'm stopped. I'm finding if I've come from a stop in higher gear, sometimes I feel less than confident that the bike is actually IN first gear when I'm taking off. I'm finding my brain is concentrating on the 'Am I in the right gear correctly' too much, and less on the 'Now take off smoothly' part of riding.

    An additional question while we're here.

    I will be asking the service guys when I get the bike fixed, On the way up and back a couple of times, I was changing up from 5th to top, when top didn't engage properly and the engine just spun freely. Is this meant to be even possible? or am I being too light on the gear change?

    The Wolf
  8. relax a little more, the less you stress out the easier it will come to you.

    as im on a 125, im always changing gears, and it eventully comes to you. ive done 12000ks now and im still in the wrong gear once a week when i take off.

    click down in the gears as you slow, not all at once. as you come to a stop, try to click it down again... if you cant, your in first. im guessing the ninja gets to around 50 in first gear? 60 maybe?

    if your revs are high as you slow to a stop, chances are you are in first, if your revs are low, then you are probably in 2nd or 3rd. hope it helps

  9. Sometimes I manage to find a space in between gears by not kicking the gear in right. It has happened at least once on all the bikes I have ridden for a reasonable length of time. It's not very common.

    A little over a year ago I took off a little enthusiastically from a set of lights and found myself up on my back wheel, it happened so quickly I think I just caught it in time. I let it down fairly quickly. Being on one wheel on a 250kg 1100 is a little disconcerting - for me anyway.

    It's good that you didn't come out of your experience worse, but it's bad enough, hey!

    Take care
  10. My Ducati has a Neutral between almost every gear. I usually find it when I am a bit tired, and don't make a positive movement of my toe to change gears. Just change gears with a confident, positive movement, and you won't find that neutral.
  11. With gear selection you may need to adjust your shift lever to prevent getting "false neutrals". People have different sized fleet and ankle flexibility, bikes have quite a bit of adjustment, I suggest you set your bike up to make it comfortable for you, less time spent concentrating on the little things means you have more to spend on riding.
  12. If you've got enough posts to PM me then do that. i live just down the road and can get you sorted in no time :)
  13. ^ Yep, apparently even Brownys improved!
  14. I ride the same bike as you, same colour, and am a member of the scratched fairings group. LOL :) Usually when down shifting, you hear a bit of a louder clunk, when it goes down to first. Also I always check at the lights by shifting up, to see if neutral light comes on. Due to have wrist problems I always leave my bike in neutral at the lights (not that I am suggesting you do this) because for me, the less I am holding the clutch in, the better my wrists will be. As the others suggest, adjust your clutch leaver to slightly go down, then you will find you don't get the false gear as much, I adjusted mine last Sunday. Very easy to do, show up on a Tuesday or Sunday learners ride and someone will show you how.