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A Sydneyite, shows the Vic's a couple of roads

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Toecutter, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. The chance to ride some good roads with the Vic netriders, was too much of an opportunity to give up and I really enjoy riding mid-week as there is much less traffic.

    Up early to ride across to the other side of Sydney to R_Sole’s place. Everyone finally awake, and showered and ready to hit the road. Fuel up and then onto the Putty Rd.

    The Putty Rd is good fun anytime, but deserted, it just makes it all so much better.

    Then rode to Broke, 170kms from McGraths Hill so fuelled up. Then went via some back roads to Branxton and up to Gresford and across the moutain top to Dungog. Then rode a heap of twisties into Stroud, and fuelled up at Booral and then the run down to Buladelah, which had even more tight corners that just never ended. Rode straight to Nabiac via the highway, as we were running out of time to get to the bike museum that shut at 4.00pm. We arrive at 3.00pm and enjoy looking at the hundreds of bikes from the last 70 years, plenty of Jap classics and British iron as well.

    Total of 370kms from the meet point, plenty of twisties, some bumpy roads, great weather and it was just a fantastic day to be riding. How close was the pub to where we were staying? A good long jumper would have done it easy :p


    From Nabiac, we again leave a bit later, as Stewy and Woodsy aren’t well. So leave at 9.30 and head to North Brother, just south of Port Macquarie, a very steep five km climb including dozens of hairpins, but all up-hill so you can ride at an OK pace. I get to the top and wonder where the others are, can’t hear any bikes, and get that sinking feeling – “shit someone’s come off!!â€

    About a km from the top Ed (Blodders) has gone straight ahead on a left hander, and laid the VTR down. Dent in the tank, bent gear lever, but Woodsy’s engineering shop has it fixed in a few minutes and off to the top of the hill to check out the awesome view (guess who forgot to take a photo :oops: )

    Then a run along the coast, and turn back towards the highway on another back road near Bonny Hills. Up the highway to Maccas, located at the start of the Oxley Hwy.

    I leave the guys here, VTRBob’s just arrived so they’re in good hands, as I have to be in Sydney for a work do.

    The never-ending debate about what is the best motorcycle road, well I’d go close to giving my vote to the Oxley. It’s 175kms to Walcha with a mix of fast sweepers, tight corners, 60kms of looong straights and most of the road in really good condition.


    After putting 11.92 litres of fuel in my “supposed†12 litre tank, I’m glad that’s the longest run I have left to do.

    Next it’s down Thunderbolts to Gloucester, the first 70kms are plenty of fast sweepers, 75 and 85kmh, surrounded by rolling hills and farmland. Then it’s into the forest and some tight roads including some very steep descents and off camber corners that are plenty of fun going up, but gravity and high winds are doing all they can to slow you down. At the bottom and a pretty average condition road takes you into Gloucester, but again, it’s 150kms of great bike road, and to think I’ve done two of the better roads back to back and overtaking around six cars, and one truck, in over 300kms.

    The last 80kms along Bucketts Way, and another road with some good sections and patched sections, but overall plenty to smile about and then highway/freeway into Sydney – a 700km day on a motard :cool:

    It was great to meet Loz, Woodsy, Woodsy Jnr, Stewy and Blodders, and wish them safe travels to Brisbane and back to Victoria
  2. Ah, mate, I can smell the country air and feel the boredom of those loooong straights into Walcha!!!
  3. Nice ride report Toecutter, sounds like it was a great day out. Your right it would have top be one of the best riding roads around. I've done a similar trip in both the car & bike, and It's great fun either way. It's definately a "Must Ride" for all riders.
    Pitty about Blodders vtr, I hope it's a cheap repair.

    I hope to meet up for the next one :grin:

  4. Thanks for the write up Toecutter. Some of those names ring a bell - such as Broke/Buladelah. I never did do the Oxley though. Next time :)

    ps...Your bike looks awesome/Fun!
  5. THanks for the report Al' was great to meet you and partake in some drinks and chat, the last part of putty called the ten mile was freekin awsome.

    Hope to see ya again some time.
  6. Alex great review... can't wait to do it on the return trip....... :grin: