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A Sustainable Australia? Latest ABS Population Stats

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Sir Ride Alot, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. 22 million 407 thousand people are now living in Australia. That’s an increase of over 345 thousand people over the twelve months to September 2010.

    So what does it mean?

    Higher gas and electricity bills?

    Higher food bills?

    Higher water bills?

    More water restrictions?

    More congestion?

    Longer waiting queues?

    More traffic?

    Lower speed limits?

    Less affordable housing?

    Lower wages?


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  2. 'Sustainable' is a very popular buzzword among politicians, because every single person agrees things should be 'sustainable', and it doesn't demand that they have to do anything specific. You can call on that word whenever you want to support any particular initiative, demonizing your opponents attitude as 'unsustainable'.

    People focus too much on specific local resources in this discussion. Given we live in such a globalised world, the prices, and availability of virtually everything are dependent on global markets. It really doesn't matter what the population is if (the big 'if') you have proper development and infrastructure in place. Scarcity is a non-issue, except perhaps for water. Housing scarcity and high prices are a construct of inept governance.

    Referring to some of the issues raised in the OP, many of those things will be basically unaffected, or even slightly cheaper under a global market. Food prices for instance, Australian produce is very similar in price to food on global markets, food prices won't move a great deal if the population doubles - possibly under a larger population certain trade arrangements become more economical. If the world population grows, perhaps, but the local market isn't that important. Gas, electricity prices are affected by global markets, they'll be the same if the population is 20 million, or 60 million, if the infrastructure is developed. Basic economics tells us that gas, electricity are subject to economies of scale.
  3. The word Sustainable as far as population growth is concerned is just bullshit.

    An annual population growth rate of 1.6% means that our population doubles every 43 years.

    An average growth rate of 1.6% over the next one hundred years will give us a population of 110 million, in 200 years 500 millions, 500 years 63 billion.

    Everyone should watch this video from Albert Bartlett. It's gobsmacking.

    Arithmetic, Population and Energy

  4. Sustainability be fucked! You mob have your priorities wrong. Increasing population = increasing markets, increasing pool of unemployed, and decreased pressure on wages growth. Profits, people! Profits!

    In the words of the banker from Yes, Minister (S2E6): "It's not just profits. It's PROFITS!"
  5. Plus we all have to do the census again this year, its that time again
  6. gee whiz, you queenslanders are getting on it a bit aren't you....