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A* Supertechs or SMX-4's

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jen954, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. HI all, browsing these forums I have realised that I was one of those idiots that thought it was OK to ride around in my sneakers cause I wasn't at a track!

    No lectures needed! I haven't riden my bike since seeing some not so nice pic's posted up here. So I'm looking at getting a good pair of boots.

    I saw the A* supertech R's today went home to check out online prices and found the Supertech's (no R) really cheap! I guess cause they've been replaced by the R's. any way I'm trying to decide between the supertech's and the SMX-4's only $20 US differance.

    I want them for Hill's runs, maybe an occational track day, and easy enough to wear so that I wont, not want to wear them the rest of the time, if ya know what I mean.

    any thoughts would be great as I haven't seen the supertech's only the R's and dont know if they are very different from the R's.

  2. I have never worn thde supertech's but I have a pair of SMX-4 - I find them comfy enough to wear all the time - I often wear them all day at work of Friday's - The venting in them is excellent for summer and I've been caught in the rain a few times and the water didn't get in.
  3. Go the SMX-4's. I wear mine all the time, and they're super comfy to wear around off the bike when you get wherever you're going.
  4. Try on some Sidi's, imho a much better fit that A*, but I guess it all depends on your foot shape.
  5. I ride in my SMX-4s everywhere.

    wear them all day no problems, as mentioned before, good venting, but wont get too wet in rain.

    I would gladly buy another pair.
  6. Thanks all,

    Im going in agian tomorrow to try a smaller size, so i might look at some sidi's and the SMX-4's again, Im thinking with the extra venting the supertechs have they may not be so good for the colder, wet weather.
  7. The Supertech is a good boot, and you won't have to worry about your feet getting cold. The boot has two layers, and if you wear a decent pair of socks you should be toasty warm.

    They are a very racing focused boot though, and they sort of force your knees to bend forward a little when you are standing in them, and the first few times will feel like you are learning to walk again.
    But once they are properly worn in, they feel great when you are on the bike.
  8. I'm looking at buying a pair of A* Web Gore-Tex boots, which will mainly see day-to-day commuter duties, so I just want a good, safe, comfortable boot. Has anyone had any experience with them?
  9. Well I went back today tried some Sidi's but they just didn't fit me right (and a few other brands) so I tried the SMX-4's and the supertech R's on again then sat on a bike and played footsies with it for a bit in both boots, and I decided on the supertech R's! the guys there gave me a good price on them not quite as cheap as from the US, but I dont have to wait and worry bout an overseas delivery and my warranty will be covered by someone local.

    So I'm very happy. :grin: thanks all for your thoughts.
  10. Just brought some SMX-4 boots and love them: