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A sunny day ride with unexpected dirt

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by RErider, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. Took the Enfield out for a short ride over Tomewin Mountain and ended up being an all dare with an unexpected dirt section.
    After coming over the mountain I went on to the Sphinx Rock cafe for a quick coffee....and cake! and because it was still early I thought I would continue to Nimbin for a look. It was such a nice day with little traffic I continued to Lismore and then to Mullumbimby via Bangalow.
    Thats where I took the wrong turn which placed me right in the middle of Mt Jerusalem national park and slippery gravel and dirt. Now I could have turned back but whats the fun in that. So with the Enfield's seat firmly clenched by my #@&#, I continued on. No falls just a couple of slides!
    Once back to the bitumen at Uki it was an easy ride to Murwillumbah and home to the Gold Coast.


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  2. Royal Enfields love off-roading. Think of all the adv touring they're used for around the world.
    Good on ya, REriderRErider
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  3. What a perfect day to be out among the trees and mountains! The Royal Enfield looks to be at home there too. Thanks for the photos, REriderRErider.
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  4. Nice. Love the pics.
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  5. You're right, I might just have to change the tyres to something with little more off road grip....and get some skill!!
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  6. The Enfield seems to take anything in its stride, nothing falls off, starts first time and is so good on fuel.
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  7. Thanks, it was a great day in a brilliant part of the world....on a great bike.
  8. The RE now have a good bike and who knows. Just a maybe in the future. The problem is that there is just so much choice today.
  9. Eric, its probably not everyones chosen machine, but it looks good, easy to ride, light-ish, solid and now reliable. It is certainly not a sports bike but it can go just about anywhere loaded up with camping gear.
  10. I have found that they handle very good and they will hold 100 km/hr. and they are not heavy, they will go anywhere. The fuel range is good and that is important, so yes I could see myself with one. But it is hard to sell any of the bikes that I have and that is the problem.
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  11. Nice one mate! My Indian mates ride their REs all over the place, in all kinds of terrain, so your girl should be fine with a bit of dirt ;-)

    I miss mine and would like to buy another when I have the cash.
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  12. Cageracer, your right the bike was fine, just the rider who needs more skill
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  13. Great to read that all ended up well. The area you rode in is a beautiful part of NSW and a fantastic area to ride on a bike. As to the dirt roads, they just add to your experience and improve skill.
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  14. good on you REriderRErider seems like you had a great day out and the weather was good too - nice pics!
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  15. Nice ride !! I'm a new Royal Enfield owner too :D
    I think it's great for off-roads.
    I love this video of a trip in the desert - very inspiring !
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