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A Sunday Snow Story – NetRider hits Lake Mountain!

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Gilligan, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. Well, what a day! Six of us (Seany, Jorge, Ozego, Danielle, Removed_User_137 a.k.a Smartee and myself) decided to do the Sunday Spur run today. Meeting up at Nunawading Maccas at 10:30 am the less fortunate ones downed hot cakes, mcmuffins and maccas coffee while we discussed the weather. It was fining up so we soon packed and hit the road, as did Smartee’s can of chain lube when it fell out of his pocket 2 km up the road....

    Heading out on Maroondah Hwy we had an uneventful trip to Healesville with dry roads most of the way. Ominously the mountains were shrouded in cloud as we headed towards them, telling us that we would not be getting anything like a dry run through the spur.

    After a quick stop and a talk past Healesville we started up the spur with hot coffee and food at Rays in our sights. The roads were wet so we took it pretty easy. Past Fernshaw we soon found ourselves surrounded by mist. The huge mountain ash towering in a sea of fog are a spectacular sight. With my heated handgrips cranked to overdrive we pushed on and soon arrived at Rays for lunch :grin:

    At lunch it was decided that we would go to Marysville and try Lake Mountain. Again the roads were wet so it was a cruisy and cautious ride. We all arrived at the Lake Mountain entry and after a bit of debate (and info that there was loads of snow up top) we decided to each part with $11 and go for the top. Heading up the mountain snow soon appeared on the sides of the road and in the trees, as did a thick fog. I set my handgrips to thermonuclear meltdown. Fortunately the day's traffic had cleared any ice from the road. Pushing on we reached the top to find lots of snow, hundreds of cars and thousands of ankle-biters with plastic toboggans. Oddly enough we didn’t spot any other motorbikes. Who would have thought?

    The next big challenge was manoeuvring and parking the bikes in a carpark covered in ice and compressed snow. If ever concentration and a careful touch was called for, this was the time. We all managed to park without slipping and dropping a bike and, since winter weather motorbike gear is near enough to snow gear, it was time to hit the slopes \:D/

    We hired a snow tube (basically a big inflated inner tube with a flat bottom) and had plenty of laughs (and photo opportunities) watching each other slide and bounce our way down the runs. I think I was the only one to collect an unsuspecting kid and make her cry, but come on, why were her and her mother standing at the bottom of a toboggan run if they didn’t want to get run over by some mad motorcycle rider flying down a hill on a tube? I ask you....

    Sunset soon approached so after much fun we got the bikes, grabbed some last photos of them in the snow and headed back to Rays for fuel and food before continuing home to Melbourne.

    I have to say that being in the snow today was one of the last places I expected to be at the start of the day. This ride was heaps of fun, a real memorable biking adventure. Thanks to all of you for helping to make it a great day with lots laughs all round. I’ve posted up my photos from the day:

    http://s100.photobucket.com/albums/m1/ughboots/NetRider Lake Mountain July 2007/

  2. You are mad. Totally mad!

    Was the gate operator, like, wtf! I don't expect they get many bikes up there this time of year!
  3. I agree with Cejay......madness!! :shock:

    I saw you guys stop out front of the Marysville bakery while I was inside defrosting. Looks like you all had a great day.
  4. Wow .....,what a great ride and day out ,HUGE points for having the stones to ride up in the snow ,and Im sure you will always rememeber it. :grin: :cool: .
    Great pictures.
  5. Fantastic; now THAT'S a ride report not likely to be topped for a while. Good work fellas :applause:
  6. A pattern may be forming here. :LOL:

    Anyway, here's my pics :grin:

  7. Thanks for a fantastic day guys! What a way to end the holidays :D
    My first ride *actually* up the spur... and i end up in the snow, mmm snow.. i kept yelling "SNOWWWWWW!" into my helmet, when i first saw it as we came up the mountain... (i dont think anyone heard ;) )
    Great photos, next ride, i should have a camera too! woo
  8. Awesome guys!

    Great report, great photos and you're all blurdy mad :wink: :LOL:
  9. Crazy fun!

    Who's is the ER-6F? I want it! :grin:
  10. Get in line Iondah. :cool:

    Loved reading about this Ughboots. Looks absolutely fun! Mad...but fun!!! Gotta love those heated grips :grin:
  11. i wish i had heated grips, felt like my finger tips were going to snap off on the ride back through the spur. it was dark!! but it was worth it, cos we saw snow and it was actually SNOWING (really really tiny snows)
  12. Fully sick eh? :LOL:
  13. And with such a modest rider...
  14. after seeing what bike you had from this photos Sean I saw a bike exactly like it going into work this morning and thought oh thats Sean from Netrider

    but it was a chick riding it

  15. Have you been talking to Rosie? :-s

    Don't worry Jason, your zzr is fully sik too. :cool:
  16. :rofl:
  17. How fantastic that day looks . You guys rock. Inspirational stuff. I spent my day out around flowerdale and back via the black spur , having a kransky for lunch when it finally came 'cause the apprilia club had hogged the lounge and tied up all the cooks :) but I think your day looks way better .

    Really enjoyed all the pics so thanks. Great stuff .
  18. Looks like an awesome day :)