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A Sunday Driver Close Shave..

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by tasguy, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. Sunday last here in Tassie was a awesome autumn day, too good not to go for a decent ride. A Mate on a FJR1300 and I headed out initially to Devonport, there had a coffee and decided to push on a bit (well okay a lot I did 440Km home to home)

    Anyhow a great day out until a few Kms from Elizabeth Town Cafe. We were on the Railton Road heading towards the highway doing 100/110 when coming around a slight right hander we end up face to face with a old heap of crap white falcon on our side of the road overtaking over double lines on a corner...... Around where the circle is on the pic.

    My first thought was "F*** this is gonna hurt" as the shoulders are rough and drop away into a table drain, amazing how time slows down as all at the same time I was looking for an out, became aware of the brake light in front and squeezed on a *big* handful of front brake, thankfully we had a couple of seconds between us, it amazing how quick that gets eaten up when the bike in front gets on the picks hard and fast.

    Neither the Falcon or the car it was overtaking slowed up or made any atempt to move over, no idea if they just didnt see us, or were too stunned to act.... We managed to scrub off enough speed and the falcon edged back over far enough that we *just* made it past while right on the egde of the road and me with the back wheel off the ground to see the bloody driver give a cheery wave :-( Never thought I would be doing an unplanned stoppie 4 weeks back into riding....

    Just goes to show that you just never know when or where it might happen. Im just really glad that we were sitting round the limit and had a gap between us or it would have ended very differently........

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  2. well done on being able to walk away from that one!
  3. You know what they say; go buy a lotto ticket. You were certainly being smiled on by someone that day.
  4. Sounds like a brown pants moment, glad you kept it upright!

    Just goes to show, you never know whats around the corner.
  5. All happened so bloody fast that it was only as we were at ETC having a drink it actually sunk in *just* how close a call it had been.

    What pissed me off the most what the fact the woman driving was totally unaware that she had nearly been the cause of at best a nasty off, at worst a double fatality, and gave us a smile and a wave as she went past.

    Think I will wait a month or two before buying a lotto ticket, used my quota of luck for the month I reckon :)
  6. Bet someone $50 she was in a 4WD
  7. What, you just rode off and let her get away with it?????
  8. Hey Donuts, I will take the $50, she was in a old junker Falcon sedan :wink: Yeah we were a couple of mins from ETC and coffee was more appealing that turning around and following her. Could have kicked the doors in and never have noticed any difference, not worth the agro.... :furious:
  9. lucky the front did not wash out.....
  10. patR1, lucky in tons of ways and also the fact we were not going balistic fast, both on bikes that are really well looked after with good tyres etc etc and had a buffer of space between us helped big time too. Even with that cushion I got bloody close to the bike infront :eek:

    I guess that was why I posted the story, while you can never know what is just round the next corner you *can* stack the odds a little in your favor by adding whatever margins you can :)