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A story of a Cager with a neck and head problem

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by BoogieMan, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. Wednesday night:.....

    I'm riding up StGeorges Road traffic is steady but not too bad......

    I take off from a set of trafficlights in the left hand lane and as I pull along side a parked car, the car in the right lane (that had stopped) decides to pull out.... without looking or Indcating!!!! :shock: (must have a neck problem :p)...

    .....and he sideswipes me!!!

    Thankfully I was able to stop myself from falling off and firmly indcated to the Cager that he should pull over into the side street so we can have a chat about the situation....

    he pulled into the side street and I followed... I pulled over and he hopped out... and before I even got a chance to to take my helmet off he starts telling me off!!! :shock: "you're not allowed to do that!" he said.... "You're not allowed to go between cars!!!! he continued...... :shock: :? (Must have a Head problem:p)

    I took my lid off and said quite calmly after this start that I was in the left lane and I WAS allowed to be there..... 8) but he continued to protest and said that as there was a car parked there I was not allowed to pass....

    I told him that ANY vechiele is allowed to use the lefdt lane as long as they can safely fit... and that regardless of this he still didnt indcate or apparently look before he pulled out....

    then he said somthing that I just couldnt believe would come out of a persons mouth!....... :shock: :shock:

    "I dont have to look ... I'm allowed to change lanes I have right of way!!!"

    :shock: :shock: :shock: :? :roll:

    I had to stifle laughter and stop myself from calling him an Idiot :LOL: :LOL: :shock: :p

    I simply replied "you ALWAYS have to look mate.... and you ALWAYS have to Indcate...... What if a pushbike were there?!...." :? :?

    "no I dont, No I dont!...... they're not allowed to be there!!" his responces followed...."

    It was at this time he 'Threatened' to call the cops.....

    I said "Sure go ahead!!!!!"

    He continued to argue so I got bored and called the cops myself!!!

    they called me back a couple of minutes later and advised that as I haddn't been knocked of and was basically uninjured (at the time I just felt a lil shaken... Adrenaline and covered everything else :p) but they would not come out unless there was a traffic issue or there was an injury... but just to exchange details and let insurance handle it.... btiu I was allowed to report the Accedent at a station if I wished.....

    I got off the phone told the guy that we were to exchange details and that insurance would have to deal with it.... I wrote out my details and didnt say much..... (he actually stopped talking once I'd called the cops :p) then he gave me his details which I checked and then he drove off...... mirror swinging at the doorside :p :D :LOL: :D

    I stopped in at a cop shop on the way home and reported it to cover my arse and confirm if I WAS allowed to be in the left lane if there was a car parked there.... they took the report and said that they would get back to me as it was a rather specific query and that they owuld need to refer to some other people first... but for the most part I should be in the clear!!!


    Yesterday I got a call from the lovley lady copper who told me they were Issueing an infingment notice for 'Unsafe merging' to the other driver :LOL: :p :twisted: :D :LOL: :p :twisted: :D

    Gotta love it when you're in the right and the other guy is a wanker :p

    I dont have any damage to my bike and only a slightly sore shoulder that I've had checked out... with any luck this guy will try and sue me and I will laugh in his face :p

    Edit for a couple of Annoying spelling mistakes :p
  2. Well done to the Boogieman for keeping your cool and doing everything right.
    I applaud your actions and ability to remain calm, I cannot say I would have been able to do same.
    Good outcome so far as well.
  3. That just improved my day....
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. sweet story.
  5. Ask for a letter to that effect, or the infringement notice number. Provide them to the insurance company with your claim .. it will help expedite the claim immensely.
  6. :shock: :shock: :evil: :p :oops: 8)
    And here I was, all this time, in denial that I could :(
  7. That's good news.

    Don't think I've got the full picture of the incident from your story, but I know that attitude - "I think I have right of way, so I'll run you over". :roll:
  8. Well done, Stew. I'd have punched him for that nonsense, lucky you are more sensible. 8)
  9. Onya Stew, especially taking it to the cops and getting them to fine him :D
  10. sounds like a good outcome for you... good to hear. Personally i hope he gets whats coming to him
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  12. Good stuff! What a tool though to think that he doesn't have to consider ANYONE else.
  13. Oh I just remembered somthing.... just after I'd called the cops and before they'd called me back he looked over the Damage to his car... now the lightign wasn't great and he was driving a dark Blue XR6 ('03 Model :p ) but as he squatted down to take a look he was runnign his hand aling the side skirts and found some damage and seemed like he was almost about to cry :LOL: but the funniest part was the Morror I broke it Completely away from the door and only the cables to run it were holding it on :p gotta love it :p
  14. Good on ya, Boogie. I tell you something, next time, he WILL look!!!
  15. I learnt a long time ago that somone of my size will displace those smaller quite effectivle and my temper used to be Vicious.. I've not lost my temper in over a decade.... and considering that this guys was about the same size as Flipper I think had I lost my temper he would have been in a wosre state than his car :p :twisted:

    So I dont tend to hit people unless I have no choice.....

    plus having a hand the same size as most peoples heads is a daunting thing to deal with..... I dont like violence anyway... it's more fun to verbally vilify somone :p :p :p :p :LOL: :twisted: :LOL: :twisted:
  16. Just cant believe the arrogance of some people...
    "i dont have to look" i mean really... my jaw just dropped before laughing hard at that comment...
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  18. Added to which, if you HAD hit him, then YOU would have been in the wrong, whereas you can sleep tonite knowing HE was.!!
  19. Did the right thing man, stayed calm, spoke softly, assessed the situation, even though the dander was up, well done. In situations like this, if you give the person in the wrong ANYTHING to complain about, it weakens your case if push comes to shove. Glad you didn't deck him, that would have robbed you of the high moral ground! Keep us up to date with the outcome.
  20. Well done on keeping cool, but most importantly i'm glad to hear you're safe.