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A story and review of my Kawasaki ZXR250...~

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by aloparow, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. Gday all,
    Have just been in the Welcome Lounge so this is my next stop. Sorry for the long post, read it if you have time!
    ...and here is my story (insert sound effect...) :)
    After the missus bought a scooter earlier in the year it again tweaked my interest in getting a bike, like some of us I guess it had been on the list of things to do-it was time! Jumped on a variety of sites, researching and checking out prices, models, etc From a price (and size) perspective I had narrowed it down to one of three. Hyosung 250gt, 650R/L, or a ZXR250.
    Well anyway that was until I read about 100 reviews damning the Hyo to hell (sorry if you have/had one). Having said that I didnt ride one so I cant vent my angst against them like some of you do! Personally I think they look pretty good but its probably the same reason why I wouldnt buy a Hummer H3, pretty much a 1985 Hilux with a body kit, but thats another story.......(apologies if you have one of these as well)
    Armed with some knowledge and my mate- with his 2 Harleys, an Indian and Tl1000 in his garage (and 20years of riding behind him) the search was on. Happily biased towards the Kawasaki I was hoping that a ZXR would be joining his brothers (650sx and 900zxi Jetskis) in the garage. (We would have to move the scooter to the back....sorry hun) Had a look at a few dealers models, getting a feel for them and what to look for, had a look at a few private sellers until stumbled across a nice original example with near new tyres, a nice stainless exhaust and a mature rider. I may be biased but it was the best sounding 250 I had ever heard :LOL: . The guy had upgraded 12 months ago but couldnt part with the ninja until now. I was confident of a genuine seller and I liked the fact it was original and not a sumoto or similar respray or had some dodgy sticker kit. It was what it was! A small fairing crack and some scrapes from falling off the stand its only flaw. Both of which had been reinforced and barely noticeable anyway. The grin on my mates face after a ride was enough, it was a tidy example, and it was mine.
    That night it was in the garage. It had been recently serviced, but Im fussy and like to know that things have been done my way! Oil change and filter (putoline), fuel and fuel filter, plugs (yep the radiator was in the way!) air filter, chain clean and lube and not to mention a lot of waxing! A manual and good set of tools helps too.
    So, a weekend of riding was ahead...and it didnt disappoint! The review: :shock: :) :grin: :LOL: I had read others reviews saying that this thing quickly reminds you its a ninja. Yep, its responsive, quick, fast, handles well, looks great and ticks in all the boxes and all of the above. I was like a kid....well....with a new toy!
    Fast forward a month...the grin is still there. Hasnt missed a beat (thinking of doing the fork seals and a carby clean next). I think it was a good choice, people are telling me I will soon outgrow it and look for something bigger, but until then let me have my moment in the green sun! :)

  2. sounds great :) hope you have many years of fun!!!!!!!!
    Keep safe, rubber side down shiny side up!
  3. Welcome Aboard mate !!!
    Good choice in bike :)
    Have fun & Be Safe
  4. Lucky mine's a 1986 then :eek:

    Coz I prefer the more advansed tecknolugee.
  5. Ktula, was having a dig at the Hummer, not the Hilux! I had an 86 4Runner a few years back...the thing really was unbreakable!
  6. I was thinking about getting on of these. Only reason I didn't is that the CBR was in the right place at the right time.

  7. Yes the ZXR250 is a great bike and a well looked after one is capable of many kms. My mate rode his from Canberra to Gold Coast half a dozen times a year and it never missed a beat, Something I wouldn't do in an 85' Hilux, a Hummer or a Hyosung haha.

    Yeah post up some pics of the beast mate.
  8. I'm just glad that someone read about how shit we think Hyosungs are and has now been spared the pain of ownership!! :woot:

    Another one saved! :roses:

    Congrats on the bike and Welcome aboard!
  9. I was in the same boat as you and managed to pick up a ZXR-250 to learn on. Haven't riden many bikes (don't get much choice up here) but it turned out to be a great bike. I changed the chain and oil and ordered new filters and stuff also - they aren't new bikes after all!

    Mine even has the original paint!

  10. :)
    u'll probably get over the speed in another month or so,
    although... @ 18k rpm :twisted:
  11. I have a VE SS if I feel the need for speed. On closed roads of course. But the ZXR is definately a lot of fun. I'm still enjoying it, having had it for a couple of month's now. I find it difficult to exploit such a huge rpm range around town - instead hovering in the meat around 9-12krpm.

    Also I think the redline is at 19,000rpm.
  12. you might find that even the zxr beats your car :p
    0-100 in 3.8 according to wiki... i think its closer to 4 though...

    btw, dont mean to thread hijack, anyone recommend good tyres?, i have a gpr80 rear, anyone know how good these are?,
    whats the best/widest for a zxr250?, ive heard good things about gpr70sp's...
  13. Dunlop GPR ALPHA-10's. They replaced the GPR70's with these. Stick like shit to a blanket. By far and away the best road holding 250 tyre on the market for street use.
  14. Same as me - loved a '92 RR & '97 ZX2R equally, but the RR was cheaper & I trusted the dealer much more. Both great fun though :grin:

    So congrats on your new toy... err, transport! I can feel your love for it from here :LOL:
  15. Maybe when new, its now an 18 year old bike with 53,000kms. I'm pretty sure the SS would take it particularly with my heavy arse on the back of it. Its roll on punch where the SS shines, something that isn't so impressive with the ZXR that seems to really struggle above 100km/h
  16. I think you will find that the 0-100 time on a stock zx-2r will be closer to 6-7 seconds.

    3-4 seconds and your talking about a modern 600cc supersport.
  17. I count nearly 6 seconds on a rolling run 0-100.