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A story about a database

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Flibble, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Any database gurus out there? - I stumbled on this the other day, found it a good read. Just goes to show that truth really is stranger than fiction.

    'This story is about such an IT project, the most spectacular failure I have ever experienced. It resulted in the complete dismissal of a medium-sized IT department, and eventually led to the destruction of a growing company in a growing industry.'


  2. So what's your question?..

    If I would hear this I would say they're dreaming. Bound to failure due to complexity.
    That's the inherently dangerous and failing claim.

    Then there's a proove of it:

    And then:

    Which is a big mistake for what they need. It will never be able to accommodate all of the future requirements. It will only accommodate the requirements the the engine was built for (easy to do what it is designed for, but impossible for anything else).

    Having said that, modern CRM systems are data-driven applications. But those apps are targeting specific area and can be easily extended within that area only.
    They are flexible for what they are built for but not more than that.

    But the biggest technical failure is here:

    The relational databases (which Oracle is) do not operate well and are not designed for recursion. They are set based on set theory borrowed by the Relational model used in those databases.

    And with all of that, what the company needed realistically:

    Anyway, they chose the wrong tool for the job (or rather used it incorrectly) and didn't set priorities right.
    This is confirmed by their statement:

  3. No question dima, just pointing out an interesting and amusing read (if you are a database guy).

    I found it amazing that anyone would think that a single table database would be a rip-snorting idea..
  4. Single table databases are actually coming back into fashion due to their speed, simplicity and they scale extremely well.