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A step sideways?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by V8cressida, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. G'day.

    I have decided to sell my Gsxr1000 for a possible taste of nakedness!

    I look at it more as a step sideways rather than downgrading. I am wanting to spend about 9 g's. At the moment I have 2 favourites. The Z1000 and the SV1000. The SV was my original thought for the twin sound but I prefer the S version..... so maybe not so naked. The Z thou has grown on me the more I research them.

    While the Aprilia, Ducati's and Cagiva's do look good too..... Living in the backwater called Tassie makes me wonder how long and at what cost possible repairs/services etc with theses european stallions. It took 3 months to have my gsxr repaired from a 20kph low side and there is a gazzilion of these about!

    Not too concerened about brute performance as my riding is a lot calmer these days (god I must be getting old).:nopity: But on the other hand it don't want a dog either

    Any thoughts, or is there a bike(s) I haven't figured on?


  2. FZ1N?

    The SV is a little bit budgety in terms of suspension and particularly brakes. Of those two I'd go the Z1000 for sure. They both have wonderful engines.
  3. The SV would be a bigger change from the gixxer, though, which might be something you're looking for. The suspension is not massively expensive to upgrade a bit if you wanted to. Not sure, Loz - would braided lines and sintered pads or whatever be enough of a change to improve the SV's braking, or is it more fundamental stuff like rotor size/type and calipers?
  4. it certainly improves the performance of the braking, but it ain't no supersports in terms of stopping but meh you learn to ride around and from what i have seen of road riding i can generally follow/lead supersports around just fine, (engine breaking helps a lot too) i am going to say the sv, and yes i have ridden (a early gen. z1000) and between them the sv i thought was a better bike but much prefer the look of the zed.....

    As for suspension and brakes everyone always harps on about it's so called budget suspension but at the end of the day if you are a 80kg rider the suspension isn't that bad and it's fully adjustable front and rear, but really how hard do you ride?.....

    I seriously think a lot of people get all wrapped up in top end brakes and suspension but at the end of the day most won't push a bike that hard on the road or track that you will find the limits of the so called budget suspension never mind top self components

    Anyway take one for a spin as the motor of the sv can put some off as it lacks that top end rush of the i4

    cheers stewy
  5. Well that is really a big reason for the change. While the gsxr is great for the ego with people checkin it out at the lights etc, I just dont ride it like it was designed for. Sure I give it a squirt every now and then but that would be less than 5% of the time. I can feel the bike vitrually yawning through town and at anything much under 80k's.

    Thats why I bought the cbr600f to commute to work on.... Fun enough if you use the gears and revs... And you can plod along in top at 60 through built up speed camera infested areas.

    So something that looks sexy standing still, but with the mojo when required, something that entices me to ride it more often, maybe even to work sometimes.:shock:


  6. hey V8,
    Have you considered the triumph speed triple or the honda cb1000r? If I was going back to a naked, I would have a hard time choosing between those two.

    I went from a z1000 to a gsxr1000, although not exactly by choice - my zed was written off.
    After a year on the gsxr1000, I still miss my z1000 however they're very different bikes :) I loved the zed because it was pretty ridiculous in terms of looks - bright orange, 190 rear & twin staintunes meaning it was very loud and had nice pops and cracks on deceleration. I found it very comfortable, and good for touring, but still had heeaps of get up and go. To be honest, the power delivery on the gsxr1000 up to the first 100 is pretty much identical (if you can keep the front wheels down). However, 100+ the gsxr obviously has it over anything else than a 1 litre sports, but I've only ever done this a few times at a track. Also consider your suspension when changing bikes, do you adjust it for your riding? If so, get something that has similar spec suspension etc. In terms of power, just make sure its a 1 litre naked, and it will have enough ponies to keep you entertained all day.
  7. I put the Trumpy in the same "how long to get parts, or fix category" and to be honest I havent even thought of the Cb1000r, will have to check it out.

    Ok you have sold me..... Sounds like just what i'm after.

    I usually only adjust the suspension when I first get a new bike. I have banned myself from track days as my over competitiveness and lack of talent are a bad mix 8-[

  8. i was making this decision recently.

    truth be told for that money you can get a better SV than Z. but the Z is a better bike... if you know what I mean

    the z was a good bike, the tank was a bit akward for me but your manhood might not be as large as mine, so give it a test ride yourself.
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