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A-Star Gloves - Opinions please

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by flashthebiker, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. OK spent about 2 hours on this forum searching gloves. Also sought opinions locally. I'm a bit confused.

    Am looking for all year round gloves. Winter touring can be a bit chilly over here in WA so insulated gloves would be good.

    I've narrowed it down to:

    1. Summer A-Star SP-1

    2. Winter SP-1 with under gloves OR A-Star Tech Road

    Have heard varying opinions about quality of A-Stars. Some say they are crap and last 6 months, others swear by 'em. Happy to buy both Tech Road and SP1, more worried about quality given that $$ investment.

    BTW GP Pro's are just bit too expensive.

    If you hate A-Stars what do ya recommend at the up to $200 price range.

    Thanks guys. I don't post much but read the forum lots...
  2. Bugger the Sp-1's, go with the GP plus.

    They are a good all round well specced glove. Not so brilliant on hot days due to not being vented, but perfect for sunny days and/or dry cold days.

    They're not really winter gloves... but will get you by if it doesn't rain.

    I'm an alpinestar fan... their QA/QC is generally equivalent to their price... but you can still get loose stitching at times... no manufacturer is immune... BTW I've never had a pair fall apart.
  3. Personally, I wouldn't spend more than $150 on a pair of gloves. I don't think there is a pair that would do the job all year round in this area, we get the extremes here.

    I have Alpine Star SMX for summer, and a pair of Alpine Star WR for winter.

    I'm not impressed with the WR's, they're bulky, they get wet inside in the rain and the tips of my fingers go numb in winter. I'll be replacing them for this winter.

    The SMX are fantastic, doesn't matter how hot it is, I never think it's too hot to wear them.
  4. +1 on the GP Plus. Great glove for the money
  5. im a big fan of the older SP-2's. not the new model, with the knuckle protector being a solding four knuckles, but the old model was split 2 and 2. it fitted me hand... well, like a glove :p

    kept a sprinkle of rain out, but if it was any decent rain, then it got wet through the seams. but hey its no winter glove. went well on cool mornings, but cant handle really cold conditions. does fine for summer, theyre nice and light and not too hot.

    if anyone has a pair of medium black SP-2's i want em! :LOL:
  6. Glove Sizing

    Thanks all for your comments. A-Stars are a small fit I believe. I am a small in Dri-Rider is that a Med or Lge in A-Stars?

    Looks like SP1's might be the go, although I like the look of the Tech Roads for winter touring when it's zero or there-abouts...brrr
  7. I've owned a set of GP-Plus and find them brilliant. I recently upgraded to the GP-Tech and find them a bit less comfortable, though extremely good nonetheless. They also have better ventilation and protection.
  8. Is this like the SP-2's??

    GPX Gloves

    Either way, i really like the look of them.
  9. Great gloves but not winter ones, buy them and the a second pair in winter. or do what I did and get a pair of latex gloves when it gets wet and pop them unde3rneath
  10. I love my AS GP-Pro gloves.

    The palm-armour has paid for itself on one occasion already :eek: ...

    They're ok in Winter [Sydney], but vented so there's some relief in summer.
  11. +1 on tha alpinestars gp-plus i had a 30km/h off straight onto my left hand felt a little bit of warmth through the glove but didn't show much wear and my hand was fine.
    1 year on and they are starting to show a little wear on the webbing part between thumb and index finger.
    Plus the glove has the added protection of the little finger and the one next to it being joint together with leather which i kinda like.
  12. I just bought a pair of Alpinestars Octane S - Moto's for $140. Straight out of the packet they were great. Now that they've stretched out a bit they fit perfect and the feel is excellent. I can type with them on (slowly). Ventilation is quite good not the greatest for hot days (but then again what leather is). Hands can get quite cold at night so be warned. My only criticism is the velcro wrist strap - it doesn't seem secure enough and could be in a better position.

    I've tried on the Joe rocket GPX 2.0's and they were definitely a contender for $150(?) but the wrist enclosure grabbed onto my jacket armour and moved the sleeve. Very well made glove < would consider it over the GP plus at $50 cheaper and good quality.

    Before that I had Rjays $70 gloves (forget the name) < these were very poorly made. I would find it hard to do anything with my fingers with those gloves on. And they were uncomfortable as the knuckle protector/finger plastics would press into my fist when I was braking and blipping.

    I also had GP plus for a short time but the bag I had them in got nicked, these were good but the stitching was a bit dodgy in some of the finger areas which I found annoying for $200 gloves.
  13. Recently bought a pair of the GP Plus gloves, after my cheaper set of another brand fell apart due to the heat and humidity up here in Darwin after 4 months.

    Tight fit for the first week or so, and had me thinking I had bought them too small. However, after one week, stretched and fit my hands beautifully.

    Quality seems excellent. Armoured fairly well, but doesn't restrict movement significantly once broken in.
  14. You get used the extra webbing connecting your 3rd and 4th finger after a while. I bought my GP plus gloves tight and they stretched beatufiully. Another downside to the GP Plus gloves was the suede bit between your thumb and fore finger wears out really quickly...not good for a commuter glove then.

    The Octane S-moto's buy 1 size up.