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A Sportsbike drop campared to a Cruiser drop

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by BRD007, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. Hi, just wandering if anyone out there has fallen off a cruiser and how they actuall fell off?

    Just wanted to compare the difference between falling off a sports bike and/or falling off a Cuiser.

  2. too many variables!

    i guess one might say when one falls of a "hog" the rider just brushes himself off and continues.


    when on a "sportsbike", well... you just have to read the other posts on here.
  3. Drop or OFF?

    I came off when I hit a bunch of roos near goondiwindi.
    Killed two roos, and made a mess of a barbed wire fence in the aftermath.

    Bike was not damaged badly - mainly cosmetic - lots of plastic parts.
    Some leverage with a 3 cornered fence post straightened out the pegs/brake lever.
    Replaced front guard, indicators, side panels (lhs) rubbish bin for underpants.

    Also cost me an hour to help the farmer put the fence back to good!.
    Cant have cows wandering the road either!
  4. When you fall off a Sportsbike: your mum gets upset.

    When you fall off a Cruiser: your wife gets upset.
  5. I ploughed a cruiser into an oncoming bus on the GOR. And I highsided the bollocks off a Hornet 900 on the spur.

    Both hurt a lot.
  6. About 120mm height difference, but I am sure the rest hurts just as much.
  7. Why? Are you planning on falling off?
  8. No just asking, cause obviously the riding position might have some sort of variation to the way a person falls or drops to the ground, for example a sports bike has a more of a forward leaning position so therefore he will hit the ground head first and front first.

    But the cruiser has a sort of lean back riding position. So the cruiser rider might fall on his side or his back.

    I know i forgot to take into account the type of accident that the rider might encounter. But just for an example lets say that the rider is riding at 80 km/h on a straight rode and something pops up in front of him and he/she loses control of the bike.

    Just intrested to know the answer cause theres alot of experienced riders out there.

    Any input is appriciated, thanks.
  9. I reckon that brakes and ground clearance plays a part in this too.

    It is a lot easier to scrape pegs on a cruiser, so it must be easier to dig them in and have a lowside as well.

    Cruisers also don't turn as easily, and roundabouts can become an issue, so I would expect that there would be more of them losing it in the rain on a roundabout.

    The brakes on a cruiser are also usually not as effective as on a sportbike, so where a sportbike rider has an off when he does an unexpected stoppie, the cruiser rider runs into the back of the vehicle in front!

    Sportbike riders are more liekly to follow a faster rider into a corner before they realise they won't make it - a cruiser rider is more often on a ZEN ride, and just wobbles his way through at his own speed.

    I am yet to see a cruiser do a spontaneous wheelie and dump the rider also.
  10. I saw this documentary on the Discovery channel about Bikey Clubs out in America and I saw a Chopper actually do a wheelie which was really amazing because I never saw a cruiser style bike pull off a wheelie.

    Thought it would've been great to share this fact, sorry if you allready new that. :)
  11. twainharte - he's clearly cheating, backing up in reverse and then slamming on that rear-brake...

  12. Triumph Rocket 3 ..... 2.3 liters of shaft driven grunt if only i had a spare 25 grand
  13. About a year ago i was on my way to uni, my first day, and on the way i passed the melbourne showgrounds, which was under renovation.
    On the corner of langs pde and epsom rd, there was a small pile of burst cement bags. I didnt see it so i rode straight over the top of them as i turned the corner and my rear wheel slipped out and bang straight down on the side, with my 270ish kilo cruiser on top of me. Somehow i managed to pick it up, i think it was just the adrenalin pumping.

    I was ok, draggin jeans, but the cheap pig skin suede jacket i had on meant a big hole in my elbow and big cut on my forearm. It was my first day at this uni so i had to get there with bent handlebars, no footbrake and a bloody arm, but mostly i was just spewing about my bike which i'd had for only a month.

    Surprisingly only a snapped footpeg, snapped rear brake, bent handlebars, scratched exhausts, broken indicatior and dented tank. Still cost a bit to fix and i cant afford to fix the dent in the tank, but oh well, she still runs well, and its one of those little things that only i notice.

    Later that day i was able to take her to the dealership to get her fixed, but neglected my arm for a week, until they had to give me a needle and scrape out the pus and road grit, not too much fun.

    And no i couldnt apply to the council for any compo coz i was still on my P's, i suppose thats the risk you take when your dumb enough to ride illegally.

    I did crash a 250 some years earlier, and there was much more damage to the bike, but less damage to me, and it was alot easier to pick up.

    I've had 3 crashes on 2 bikes in three years, but thats not too bad considering I use my bike all year, pretty much everyday, and many accidents are unavoidable - even though some people say all accidents are avoidable.

    I reckon the worst bike to crash would be a big BMW cos of the way the engine sits, even if its got armour plates, it'd sure be pricey to fix.

    So in addressing your question comparing a sportsbike crash to a cruiser crash ... well i dont really think i'll use that as an experiment, although "Nice2BNaked" might give it a crack ... then again his brain works differently to most people.
  14. when you fall off a Harley your grandkids get upset?
  15. and when you fall of your BSA or Vicent your great gran kids get upset
  16. Sweet.. that image has made my day.. :LOL:
  17. Yeah, I had a low speed drop on my V-Star after locking the rear wheel. I went down like a sack of shit and the bike landed on me. It's a 230kg bike and it hurt like a m@thaf$cker. I was pinned under the bike until a passing motorist helped lift it off me.

    I had rainbow coloured bruises up and down my leg. Limped for 2 weeks. The bike was fine though :grin:
  18. Jen wrote:
    Mine too. :LOL: Aided by those tatts on his left arm and muscles on the right ;)
  19. You have to wonder about the forces on the forks when it drops though!