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A SPADA with 64,000kms. ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by iliketoride, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. Would you buy a bike with such high k's? It is going for 2,990, looks tidy and has service history. Ray Quincey says it is perfect and he welcomes an independent check on it, says its totally fine.

    Looking for value for money as finances are low and go for my L's this week, so should I jump in???

  2. Personally I would probably avoid a spada with that many k's. It is possible that it is perfectly fine, but it is very easy to hide problems for short whiles...

    However, if you do want that style of bike definitely get an independent check as it is a decent price. Although, you could probably get a similar private-sale bike for the same money with fewer k's (again, get an independent check first).
  3. Considering that about 90% of the Spada's coming down from Japan have probably been clocked over, don't fuss it.

    I also know of one guy who has clocked over his Spada and it was still going strong 30,000 k's later when it got run over by a van.
  4. Ive heard to that Spadas engines keep going and going, if the independant check is ok and you like the bike id go for it!
  5. Essentially its the same engine as is is my vtr, just slightly higher tune. my vtr is an 2003 and its got 33K on it. Spada with double that but clearly more than twice as old might actually be an honest bike. As was said above, most imports have had their odo's clocked so don't sweat the k's just check its condition.
  6. cool, thanks guys, 2 outa 3 and I'll go with the majority..

    The guy Ray Quincey (Ray Quincey Motorcycles) himself said it was excellent and if it was a total dud it would be all over Netrder pretty quickly but he sounds honest :) Ofcourse, post inspection it could be a goer.. For the money its good and being my first bike its not like I'll do more than a few thousand k's in the first year. Plus i'll by nicer gear :)

    Can't wait to get rolling!
  7. I have heard a few dodgy things about the state of bikes from there... not Sumoto bad, but low oil and unserviced sort of bad.

    Don't forget that _independant_ check :)
  8. PS- has service history
  9. Anyone know of a cheap and good person to go have a look for me? Anyone here want to go have a look and ride it for me? :) :) luv you long time. Im in Radelaide :(
  10. I once looked at a bike at Ray Quincy for a young guy. It was at the higher end of the prices that type of bike was going for at the time, but had severe problems with it, such as badly pitted chrome on the forks, not to mention the thing didn't look like it had been well looked after.

    That experience put me off that place. That's not to say the bike you're looking at isn't ok, but do make sure you get a totally independant person to look at it.
  11. Too expensive for 64,000kms... spend a few hundred more and buy newer. Ask about cam chain work, sprockets etc.
  12. 2,990! nah!

    you can get one with lower km's for just a tad more(privatley) if you're prepared to sit on your hands some more... the temptation is great, i know...

    ooh, almost forgot:

    regarding service history. make sure the seller has receipts to back this claim up!
  13. Anyone got a low k Spada from CARINGBAH MOTORCYCLES?

    Got a call back from them today, they could get me one, serviced and tuned, 20,000ks, 3 month warranty for $3,500.. sounds pretty reasonable.

    As long as they aren't like Sumoto, right?