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A somewhat different experiance...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Pezza, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. I was riding to work this morning around 7am, and i come to the round about and i gave way to a ute coming from my right, i continued on as he passed and was following him as we were goin up the incline of a bridge. all of a sudden he musta hit a pothole or seomthing cos his tailgate comes flying off the ute, swings around and is dangling from one hinge, here is draggin the tailgate along a double laned road. gave me a start still being on my L's and not really expecting that to happen :p So i started flashing him with my highs to try and make him aware that his car is falling apart. Im sure it was obvious with the loud scrapping noise it was making on the road but still :p Also lucky i was riding up his ass either...

    P.S sorry for the big wall of text :p

  2. More like a bit of uneaven pavement than a wall, compared with some of the posts around here :p

    Just be thankfull that the whole tailgate didn't come off and come bounding towards you, now THAT would have scared the shit outta you. :LOL:
  3. True, true.

    Every time I'm sitting behind a ute at traffic lights I can't help but thing how nasty it would be to go into one at speed, with that sharp looking tray..
  4. Hey Pezza I'm from Romsey close by to you, what nice roads have you found in our area other than Mt Macedon?
  5. avoid utes or tray trucks, anything tradies use. some of them are a few tools short of a shed so to speak, and dont always tie/secure things down. just thinking now of al lthe crap ive seen blow, fall or bounce out of a tray, onto the road, in traffic :?

    its bad enough being passenger in a cage when this happens, let alone on a bike :shock: