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a sobering reminder.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by twainharte, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. source: oroadsports forum

    Thu 15 Mar 07 16:33



    more text/pics in the link above.
  2. HOW did he sustain such serious head injuries when wearing a high-quality helmet?
  3. glad he is ok.
  4. I know it shouldnt, but things like this really make me reconsider hopping on...

    Good to hear he's ok
  5. That sucks hard.... lucky to be telling the story. One of my patients was almost killed the same way, has been riding for donkeys years, got a brand new Harley, riding along Nepean Hwy minding his own business and a taxi made a dash across 3 lanes straight into the side of him pushing him onto the median and over the bars onto the other side of the road. That was a good 18 months ago and he's still doing rehab from the operations he had, stuffed left knee and ankle, stuffed left shoulder. Harley was totally destroyed.
  6. Ultimately, a helmet can only perform so much. The brain would still have been moving inside his skull, there is likely to be all sorts of issues.
  7. maybe he heatbutted the incoming traffic...
  8. this is what shits me.

    while that patient of yours has had his life changed permanently, bet you the smug taxi driver is still on the road with nothing more to show than a blemish on his driving record, if that!

  9. too many variables...

    i'm sure having your head bounce, scrape and drag on the ground violently would do all sorts of things.

    in this instance and like many before an approved helmet of such quality is no guarantee. i'd hate to think the outcome had he worn a half face...
  10. Paul, when I had my big 'off' in 2002 I had severe bruising to my forehead and a scalp laceration requiring stitches, in spite of wearing a "high-quality helmet". I think the operative issue here is what would my (his) injuries have been without the helmet? A helmet will mitigate the injuries hugely, but not eliminate them completely. That sudden stop is a very high G incident, and your head is approx 25% of your entire body mass. Lets say you weigh 100kg, and that you stop dead at say 8g, that means that your head is hit by a 200kg blow inside the helmet. The padding will absorb some of that, but it is still one hell of a knock.
  11. Glad to hear you survived OK.
    Helmets are designed for 2 functions, 1 a 1G impact and 2 shell delaminates while sliding so as not to twist the neck. So headbutting things is NOT good. It looks like the helmet performed admirably . As some say "imagine if there was no helmet"

    Same bike, same helmet!

    Raced with February 8th @ Wakefield, awesome bloke.

    Said he'd been a motorbike courier for 14 years.... :shock:

    Either way, it's a definetely a big reminder!