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A small taste of a small town

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jacksbowel, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. It's late, I'm bored, I've ran out of beer. Time for a game!

    As motorcyclists we travel through and sometimes stay at many small towns across the land in order to enjoy the roads that connect them to each other. Alot of these towns have a distinct flavour, that leaves an impression long after we have left them. Sometimes it isn't of the savoury palate.

    So, to share these experiences with each other, let's post up highly derogatory pictures that makes fun of these places!

    I'll start us off:


  2. So... what's wrong with Orbost?
  3. So you're saying that the population of Orbost is made up of eight score blondes and brunettes, whos doctors only have a basic medical trainning and the form of punisment is a spanking followed by oral sex.
    Also that the towns daily life consists of bathing, dressing, undressing and making exciting underwear.

    While it seems like it would be filled with peril, I am inclined to move there just to hand out the punishments.
  4. I do think that just a little bit of peril is required...
  5. No. It's unhealthy.
  6. The problem with Orbost is what seems like a sanctuary of very attractive and hospitable women at night generally ends with you waking up next the female version of the two dudes from Omeo.

    This game isn't really catching on.. seemed like a good idea whilst perched in front of my computer on a mound of empty beer bottles :\
  7. .. because its still a step up from Tasmania.

    (Sorry, Tasmanians. You can substitute New Zealand if you like :p.)
  8. ....oooh did somebody mention Tasmania \\:D/
  9. You can't, it is too periolous
  10. ..Snowtown....

  11. We have a winner! ^
  12. :roses:

  13. A little of topic but has anyone noticed driving around Sydney on the back of the Sydney Buses, they have advertising saying:

    "Sydney Fish Markets, More Mullets Than Adelaide" saw this the first time the other day pissed myself.
  14. that is brilliant.
  15. Lithgow.

    Attached Files:

  16. Ha,ha,ha,ha!!....... :rofl:
  17. I will take a photo of one today and post it.
  18. Here we go