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A small error in judgement nearly killed me

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doonx, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. Well well well, how fast we learn.

    Tam and myself and 3 mates were out for a ride most of Saturday. We went out the Maroondah Hwy, through Lilydale, up and over Black Spur and had lunch at Buxton Pub. Then to Marysville and up to Reefton Spur, down the Spur for coffee at Warburton. Then back toward Melbourne through Rowville on Wellington Rd.

    I'm sure a lot of you will be familiar with the 2 lane roundabout at the intersection of Wellington Rd & the Belgrave-Hallam Rd. We were heading West back into Rowville.

    Jason on a Fazer 600 was in the lead, then Tam, Alex, Guy and myself at the tail. They all slowed and rolled up to the roundabout in the outside lane. I did the same but changed to the inside lane and joined Jason on the line. There was a little bit of traffic around, and we were at a complete stop. A Falcon came past us on the roundabout and proceeded onward toward Narre Warren.

    I was aware that Jason and I would probably take off at the same time, and I wasn't sure if this was a good thing or not, so I hit the throttle to get a little bit of a jump on him, and so he would be aware that I was out there as well. I just thought it would be better if we were not side by side through the roundabout and out the other side.

    There was nothing coming toward us to our right, or from straight ahead toward us into the roundabout. As I entered the roundabout I saw a full sized Semi-Trailer very very slowly rolling into the roundabout from my left and was going straight through, not turning left up the hill toward Rowville. I approximate his speed to be no more than about 15-20kph. At this stage I was pretty much full on the throttle and could see the truck was not accelerating. I was looking at the driver and in that split second realise I was going too fast to go right around the roundabout, or to stop without a serious lock up. Coming to a screaming halt in the middle of a 2 lane roundabout isn't my idea of fun.

    So I realised I had to go around the front of the truck and get the hell off the roundabout. I knew the driver saw me as I was looking directly at him. I reckon the Kwakka hit about 17000rpm cause it was screaming. I slipped around the front of the truck and flew off the roundabout into 2nd gear at about 80kph and proceeded to acclereate at what felt like an alarming rate of knots. I had to then slip past a car that had already left the roundabout and off I took up the hill without looking back. I knew already that Tam was probably going to kill me.

    My error was not realising that the truck had not stopped before entering the roundabout to my left. My second mistake was almost definitely continuing and flying around the front of a truck just so I didn't look like a goose in the middle of a roundabout.

    This may sound thrilling, but it wasn't. It was down right stupidity and a total display of my lack of experience. At least I'm still here to talk about it and to have learned by it. I so easily could have been a bug in the grill of that truck.
  2. It is only stupidiy if you do the same thing again. :shock:

    Isn't there a saying 'that which does not kill us makes us go "shit that hurts a lot"' or something like that? :? :D
  3. Man that was close! :shock: :shock:

    Glad to hear you got through it - I'm with nil-Orally, you're only stupid if you do it again!

    Shiny side up :D
  4. Definitely an underwear changing moment. Look on the bright side, not only did you not stack it, you are able to review your mistakes so you won't do it again.

    Yo won't be doing it again, will you? :shock: :shock: :shock:
  5. Remember that learning curve you're on? Congrats on moving up a step :wink: .

    Try and make the next step less life threatening if you can help it :) .
  6. this one is permanently etched into the grey matter.

    LeftLeg - NEVER again .......
  7. Take the lesson.

    Some people live and learn... other's just live... and for how long is anyones guess.

    With the P plate only 3 months old... I was splitting sydney road on the LHS of the line of cars heading south and it was peak hour traffic.

    I was making good time.

    There was a break in the line of cars because there was a street tee-ing off on the left. I didn't slow down, I just rode straight through into the intersection.

    The impatient van driver heading North who decided he couldn't wait anymore, decided to take that street... he turned right and floored it. I only noticed in the corner of my eye that there was a van accelerating into the gap. He didn't see me until the last second because I was shielded by the line of stopped cars... neither of us reacted because it all happened too fast.

    He missed clipping my rear by some margin I care not to think about.

    There are heaps of lessons from that incident that I live by today... underline LIVE...

    I'm a big advocate for teaching "roadcraft". When you're on two wheels, good roadcraft is the equivalent of fitting a crumple zone and airbags.


  8. Doonks,
    you really are a lucky lad.
    We will all have to kiss your Blarney Stone at the next coffee meet...
  9. Blarney Stone.... I got down and kissed the Black biatch, she came thru for me !
  10. hahaha i'm watching that at work right now 8) number 2 that is

    now that you've learnt from that leson you'll find another one to learn from pretty soon :twisted: