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A small confession...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by MV, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. I have never seen Mad Max. Any of them. :-w

    I guess I never got around to it...

    I saw this post on pipeburn yesterday:


    & realised I am missing out! I must be, unless that's the only good part of all three movies...

    I am endeavoring to rectify the error of my ways though, there is a box set of all three movies on the way.
  2. Wow, that's quite the confession!
  3. I haven't seen E.T. although i did get a stuffed toy.................ok, doll, for Xmas back in the 80's somewhere.

    Hmmm, I wonder if this is going to be a dirty confession thread.................
  4. i had a Village people record record once....
  5. I've never watched in full, or been tempted to watch in full Star Wars or Star Trek, which tends to seem strange to a lot of people, me being in IT.

    Never seen mad max before either, heard references to it know and then though.
  6. i've never seen the following movies (but want to see them):
    mad max
    cool hand luke
    star trek
    the godfather III (seen the first two)
  7. The original Madmax is the best movie Australia ever produced and i'll drag anybody that says it isn't through the streets behind my bike to teach them some culture of my own.

    Mind you having said that, after watching it recently I can't believe how camp it is.

    And who the hell would name their kid 'sprog' anyway? Oh yeah that's right Mel Gibson.

    Do yourself a real favour and watch it, but chase as much info as you can about the making of it afterwards. Total respect to the nutbags who agreed to participate in this little gem.
  8. Mad Max is actually pretty dire as a film, but the action sequences and the machinery are brilliant. Apart from the bits where the film is so very obviously speeded up, in spite of shrill claims to the contrary on numerous fan websites. I have eyes and a brain. Do not insult my intelligence.

    Mad Max 2 is a better film and again, the machinery and action are stunning. Same comment goes for the speeded up film though.

    Mad Max 3 is crap but worth seeing to complete the trilogy. Ms Turner was still looking pretty good in those days.
  9. I still have a 12" single of Kylie Minogues "Locomotion" :D
  10. ok I should really watch that movie hey...

    along with others I hear of people yapping about;

    pulp fiction
    mad max
    god father
    debby does dallas
  11. oh yeah.

    pulp fiction
    full metal jacket (or something like that)
    clockwork orange
  12. Never managed to stay awake through a whole Star Wars movie...it's the acting, never got why it was so popular, everybody is a cardboard cutout...

    There seem to be some Star Wars fans here...

    Seriously, why do you like it? I just don't get it...
  13. Is that you John Wayne, is this me?
  14. All mad max fans should check out http://www.madmaxmovies.com/

    There are some great pages about all the vehicles and the locations used for the filming. Some are gone but some can still be seen.
  15. Sorry Chef, I'm with Pat on this, I had never seen any Mad Max films and thought I'd better catch up, so rented MM1 a couple of weeks ago. Very disappointed, other than the bike action it was crap, put me off bothering with the others. Although after Pat's comments I might try 2...
    I thought 'Stone' was much better, but then I saw that at a drive-in in the back of Dad's station wagon with my girlfriend!
    And yes, I drove there myself, and yes it had just been released.
  16. I first saw Mad Max when it came out and was blown away, it has aged and is pretty old school but worth watching. Puberty Blues, now that didn't age very well.

    I haven't see Dances with Wolves and see it as a badge of honour.
  17. As much as I like MM, can't go past Crackerjack for best Aussie film followed by the castle
  18. It's all good mate, I had a funny feeling not everyone would agree.

    But in the same way 'Stone' has left it's indelible imprint on your life because of when and how you saw it, Madmax did the same for me.

    I was a kid so I wasn't interested in plot lines and romance scenes, i was swept up in the notion of nutbags trying to rule our roads, only to have bigger nutbags try and stop them.

    What Madmax missed out in terms of intrinsic plot lines and believable characters, it more than made up for in classic lines that you can here still being uttered by a generation of impressionable boys that had to put up with shit like Puberty Blues, Blue Lagoon, and Leif Garret records.

    The power of Madmax went on to influence the likes of Hollywood film makers, and can be seen in films like Waterworld, etc.

    You're right!!! Madmax sux
  19. avatar isnt much as a film but the special effects and computer grapics are good..

    Pulp fiction was Good The same feel as from dusk till dawn but without the vampires.
    Debbie Does dallas was Good nearly 30 years ago..
  20. I'm afraid I thought Stone was even crapper than MM1, but I'll give it points for some fairly authentic riding sequences and the use of real MC members and their bikes as extras.

    I should state that I love the foirst two MM films in spite of their considerable shortcomings. How could I not, given their huge influence on my tastes in machinery over the last 30 years?

    "A fella, a quick fella, might have a weapon under there. I'd have to pin his head to the panel". :D