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A small case of only-just

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bragi0, May 2, 2006.

  1. So I rolled into the petrol station last night thinking "damn, I must be close to needing reserve by now". Filled up. Paid. Rode out. It coughed just as I got out on the road... but then was all good again.

    In other news.... traffic out there this morning was completely insane. I have no idea what made this morning different, but we're talking almost double the ride time to get to work. Including being stuck in the right filter to President Av for about 15 minutes. OTOH, there was a rather cute girl in the traffic jam going north. Eye candy pays for all :)
  2. Schools back ,i notice the traffic difference on school holidays ,parents away and soccer mums off the road no school bus's
  3. Ah. I'd forgotten the school factor. Damn soccer mums. Get your stupid SUV out of my lane :LOL:
  4. Did they ever have school buses in this country? Hasn't a stuffed shirt somewhere realised that traffic goes to all hell when school's on, and decided to do something about it?