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A small boy perhaps a bit obsessed and perhaps a bit OCD

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Jem, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. #1 Jem, Feb 9, 2015
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2015
    Hi all,

    Some of you will have read bits and pieces over the years about my small boy and his love for all things to do with motor bikes etc. Anyway yesterday after a ride the group was nice enough to come back to my place to give him a bit of a thrill. See here for details if you want - https://netrider.net.au/threads/aprilia-shiver-sports-750.164404/page-16#post-2820338 Post 303 on.

    Anyway forgot to get a photo of all the bikes lined up out side my place but obviously the small boy took it all in. I went down the stairs to collapse in front of the TV after putting him to sleep last night to see this, no idea when he did it.


    The aforesaid Small Boy -

    Given the fact that he also drags me along to A1 in Ringwood most weekends - think I will be getting him a bike sooner rather than later.

    Cheers Jeremy
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  2. Look forward to cheering him on in future Grands Prix.
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  3. If he is a little OCD Jem that one red bike would have grated. Everything else is colour coordinated from the middle out. :) You better get him another red bike.
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  4. Me too, that is his current plan :)
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  5. Is this a case of your OCD manifesting itself? LOL I never noticed until I read your post! :)

    Maybe your OCD might have to provide the red bike to correct the imbalance? :)

    Joke Joyce. :):):)
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  6. Or the red out could go in the middle and the others mirror out from there. That at least makes it symmetrical (colour-wise).
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  7. Shouldn't the colours be arranged by alphabetic order e.g. black, green, red, yellow?
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  8. Some context to add to the story. The small boy has currently got 3.5 bikes :-

    1. His first bike was a balance bike, he rode the hell out of it at speeds that should not be possible on a bike without peddles. It is down to the canvas on both front and back - still gets a hit out every now and then.

    2. His first peddle bike was grabbed from hard rubbish about 10 months ago, cleaned up new tubes and hoops and a bit of loving care and put back on the road. Worn out one back hoop which was replaced and is looking fairly thread bare again; first bike that I saw him standing on the seat on going down the hill, he used to stand up on the bar on the balance bike but not the seat. Currently has been relocated to the back yard as his dirt bike apparently.

    3. New bike for Christmas, for some reason the lovely wife decided it was a good idea to get him one with front stunt pegs..... So far I have only seen him with his feet on them but I suspect he is trying more when I am not looking. He is certainly going down the hill no hands while making revving sounds at the top of his voice. It lives at the bottom of the drive, he backs it down the same way as I do with my bike, just a lot lot faster.

    3.5 - .5 because it is his sisters bike, it is way to big for him, he can get to the peddles but not get his feet down. This apparently has not concerned him. His current method of getting on when his sister is not around is to get beside it take a few steps forward with it and then throw himself up onto the seat. This works well as it is his normal method of starting - getting off it is not going all that well currently - but small boys are meant to have scabs on the knees right? He tells me he will work it out.

    So he started school last week so I thought right about time to teach him about reward for effort etc. So he now has 3 chores per day - nothing much, make his bed, set the table with the small girl for dinner, clear the table after Dinner and bring the bins in on Monday afternoons. So he started last week and did it all for the week and got his $5 pocket money on Sunday night.

    So I am talking to him yesterday about how show and tell went at School ( Not surprisingly he choose to talk about the bikes being at his place on Sunday - See above ), and then ask him if he has thought about what he might do with his pocket Money. I am expecting something like I am going to buy lollies or some such short term thing. But no he turns around looks me in the eye and says I am saving for a gear bike - his way of saying a bike with gears like the 9 year old down the street has. I explain that might take a while, "no problem" he says "I am a good saver" - first I have heard of this but time will tell I guess.

    I did speak to him about where the red one was in the line up - he looked at me like I was mad and said I put the fastest ones together... who knew.

    Cheers Jeremy

    PS There is another red one at the top of the Cupboard we cornered the market when Aldi had their sale - so no need for Chris to provide one to help with his OCD. Will wait to he does something good and give it to him.
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  9. Evil Knievel in the making ...:wideyed:
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  10. Update Just found these photos on my Photo stream, can only assume he took them on his iPad - apologies for the quality - he is a small boy after all.

    The stunt pegs.

    The Balance bike - check out the canvas on the front Hoop. Obligatory VMC and Sidi stickers

    Also forgot about the scooter - least favorite current method of transport - not fast enough apparently but gets a run when the rest of the kids are out on theirs