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A Shadow has fallen across Lonsdale St

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FALCON-LORD, May 4, 2006.

  1. Hey you...
    Yeah you the guy who has parked his Honda Shadow in Lonsdale st.
    Your Parked in my spot!

    Only Joshing Ya.
    Yeah there is a Honda shadow parked on Losdale with a Netrider Number plate holder. I'm the ZZR parked behind you.

    Nice to see more netriders about. PM Me if you want to stop the daily grind and grab some coffee
  2. Easy - just push the bike over, then when he/she posts a topic in here which says "Some f#%&er pushed my bike over today!!1!" - you can reply and say "hehe - yeah, it was me - PM me if you want to grab a coffee sometime!" :p
  3. probably not the best way to make friends :grin:
  4. but the best way to get attention lol :LOL: :LOL:
    do not condone this sort of actions ha ha
  5. Not my yideda of the way to win friends and influance people... but I'll keep it in mind
  6. You should grab some net rider "business cards" and stick one on his/her bike. On the back you can write "You are being watched!"

    I'm sure they'll start a new topic...
  7. Now if i had a NR business card this would be a great plan...
    Keep em paranoid
  8. leave a note:
    "your days are numbered buddy dont park here again"
    or maybe try the nice way...
    "hey its eswen give me a call or drop by i work in office number...."
  9. You can always order them from Here ;)
  10. Just make up a fake parking ticket and leave it on the bike, then wait for the "I just got a f@!#ing parking ticket" thread.
  11. If its a 2-tone shadow its HondaGal
  12. Best place for one of them is parked under a semi.
  13. Turquose and white?
  14. yeah think so.
  15. Make friends, no it won't help.
    Influence them, hell yes but maybe not towards the prefered oppinion. :LOL:
  16. what exactly is that office number and address es ????
  17. why, you want to send chanel 7s recrutiment team over? ;) :LOL:
  18. You like that kind of perfume do you :p
  19. will you me some with the receipt attached?
  20. Sign a NR card as "Hi I'm Jason, looking for a solid pillion perch as my wife will soon want her bike back. Will provide sensual shoulder massage"

    :p :shock: :LOL:

    Come and abuse me at my house warming you slack bastard :grin: