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A serious f%@king outrage

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Heinz_Guderian, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Next time the cops give you the 'do you know the number of you guys I have to scrape off the road' spiel, throw this in their faces...


    Thanks to the Tas MC Council for their appropriate comments- other similar- and mostly ineffective- organisations in Australia take note.
  2. FAR OUT!!

    "Nobody expects to come over the crest of a hill in a 100km/h zone to find someone doing a three-point turn on the highway. It should be illegal to do that anyhow"

    $350 for being a dumbass, and someone with alot of life left no longer with us.

    Could happen to anyone of us :evil:
  3. F*ck, i just got fined $150 for parking in a non stopping zone, and he only gets $350?????
  4. Exactly... there seems to be an attitude that if you are speeding or drinking you are deliberately and consciously playing with people's lives... but that stuff like this can happen to anyone and is 'unfortunate'. I saw a similar attitude on the part of the police who dealt with Stump's accident- a sympathy for the driver who hit her because 'it could happen to anyone'.

    Now I'm not sure which of these two sides is right- probably the answer is a bit of both- but you can't apply one standard for one set of offences, and a 'gee, how unlucky' attitude to doddering dickwits who pull stupid maneuvers.

    Road users have to think before they act, whether that twisting the throttle wide open or pulling a 3-point turn over a blind crest, or opening your door at the wrong moment, or getting into the car with a skinfull.

    But y'all know all that.
  5. Thats ridiculous, what kind of a $#^$ does that?

    If you clean someone up on a bicycle without any illumination youre looking at life, which case is more ignorant!!

    Exactly why I back right off at any crest.
  6. It wont bring the guy back but lets hope some civil action is brought against the car driver.

    What a piss poor finding to hand down.
  7. I'm with you on that one. Incompetence seems to be excusable, even in this case when it has resulted in death. I dont think jail is appropriate in cases like this, but there's no reason he shouldn't have to contribute to community service, given he just removed a member from it.
  8. I hope the TMC can lobby the DPP in Tas to appeal that conviction. A disgrace in the most pure form.
  9. Agree with what others have said, this is a ridiculous judgement. Also fail to see what simply suspending their licence is supposed to achieve. Given they could do something that stupid whilst sober they're hardly what you could consider a safe driver - and I don't see how taking their licence away for a short period gives any guarantee that's going to change.
  10. [​IMG]

    Picture of daughter and car driver from HERE
  11. [​IMG]
    That needs a caption. Maybe something like:
    "Sorry mate, I didn't see you" :twisted:
  12. She should then have stomped on the ****'s head a hundred times with steel tipped stilettos.
  13. :shock: :shock:
  14. Who's suprised? I hate drivers like this and there are plenty. They adopt the attitude that "I haven't been in an accident in over 25 years, I'm the best driver on the road, it's all the other idiots out there"..

    These middle aged twats are the ones who never indicate and have a careless disregard for all other road users.

    If that happened to any of my close family or friends, I'd want blood. Or at least justice..
  15. I am sick and tired of the inattentiveness shown on our roads in GENERAL.
    People paying no damn attention whatsoever to what they are doing, not even stopping to think, should I do this here? Personally I am getting to the point where I have a decision to make. I am getting a little to pissed off with the moron drivers on our roads, and have started making my presence felt, at risk to myself, and to the reputation of motorcyclists everywhere.

    There was the taxi that did a U-turn from the left hand lane into the opposite road traveling in the other direction in front of me. I pulled a E-brake, threw a u-turn of my own and tossed a full can of red bull from my jacket pocket through his open window. He wasn't pleased I gather from the way he stopped in a hurry.

    There was the 4WD that merged on top of me and my wife who was pillion at the time who happened to lose a mirror for her efforts. I came along side her at the next set of lights, got off the bike, REMOVED the mirror, and placed it on her bonnet, kindly explaining to her why she didn't need it anyway.

    The latest was the woman on the mobile phone, moved from the far left lane to the far right lane whilst approaching a red light. She didn't hear me for the windows I guess or see me for the mobile phone she was on, but I was IN the far right lane. I had to move over far enough for her to pull up along side me before she realized I was there. I knocked on her window, and gave the "whats up" gesture. Without stopping her conversation she rolls down the window and spits on the front of my bike.

    Bad luck for her was my new Nolan flip face helmet. Before she could get her window up, blissfully unaware that my helmet was open in a heartbeat, I spat in her face. Apparently this is enough to get someone of the phone. She didn't even say anything, she just sat there as if no one had ever told her she was a fcuking mole before. Absolutely stunned. Seems like daddy's little princess hasn't been put in her place before, Green light, see ya later.

    So you can see my dilemma. I don't like being an asshole, but it seems to be the only way some people get the message. The only other thing proven to make an impression on an idiot driver, is the blood on their hands and the innocent life across their bonnet.

    So idiot drivers ask yourselves. Do you want to live with that on your conscience for the rest of your insignificant little lives, or put up with some temporary discomfort from an asshole like me? Cos quite frankly I'm sick of this shit, I'm riding more aggressively cos defensive just doesn't cut it anymore. People decide my safe braking gap is theres to drive in, my gap to the car in front at the lights is for them to park in, my small vehicle at the service station is there to be boxed in while they grab there grocerys, my safety is to be fcuked with, and my bike exists for the sole purpose of drag racing.

    To you idiot drivers I say beware. If you drive like a dickhead around me, you will be shown the error of your ways.
  16. The guy in the back is definitely screaming "OWNED!" at him
  17. VTRAffair, I doubt the effectiveness of your methods. I somehow thing that those actions will not affect these drivers in any way, shape or form, but will merely breed more contempt for cyclists in these driver's minds.

    That fine is absolute bull. Someone dies because of his negligence, and he gets a $350 fine? I hate the way society is accepting things like this as normal, and people don't have to face the full consequences of his actions. I hope that gentleman has to think on this for a very long time.
  18. What a crock of shit, the poor bastard didnt stand a chance, i would have givin him more than a push if he did that to my family, i would hunt the f@#$er down and got justice myself!!!
  19. Incompetence is right up there with extreme speeding. Just an accident waiting to happen.

    I don't believe that 10km/hr over the limit is a huge deal, and neither probably is grinding a couple of gears and clipping the curb as some retard with the fine motor skills of a donkey attempts to negotiate their windowlickermobile around an average suburban corner. But if everyone apparently needs to be reminded to stick to the speed limit, then perhaps such aforementioned retards need gentle reminders in the form of $100 or $300 fines EVERY time they make a moronic choice or display no control of their vehicle, not just when their fcuk ups result in someone's death.

    The fines and the point loss stop a fair amount of speeding, so perhaps a financial penalty would force a certain degree of competency on our roads. Or atleast get them off the road altogether.

    Some people really aren't meant to drive anyway in my opinion.