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A sensitive question for the older blokes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bangalla, Aug 6, 2007.

  1. Specifically for those of you who've had a vasectomy. How long did it take before you were able to comfortably ride your bike again? 8-[

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  2. bout Three weeks !! but there was still some manouvering on the old seat of the gsx1100 lmao
  3. Had to get home somehow!.

    About an hour!.

    Can't beat Icepacks for relief, and to slow the swelling.
  4. pfffft 3 weeks :shock: pussy :LOL: :LOL: :p

    Was a little tender, but drove a semi melb/bris 2 days after and was back on the bike in just over a week. [ granted it was a gentle ride with no knee of action ]

  5. Bloody hell! I hope the anaesthetic still hadn't worn off.

    I got it done under a general so I couldn't drive anyhow.
  6. Why on earth would you ever get a vasectomy in the first place!!?
  7. I'll lend you my kids for a few weeks, they'll explain it to you.
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  8. :rofl: either that or the avatar pic says it all
  9. Because

    A: my 2nd daughter as much as I love her, was a right royal pain for the first three years of her life :?

    B: when your older the best pick up line ever is "I've been snipped"

    :LOL: :LOL: :twisted: :LOL: :LOL:
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  10. Three simple words: no frangers ever.

    (assuming you're with your faithful longterm partner, of course)
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  11. That picture was actually taken by my three year old son, and I was looking very shabby thanks to the nocturnal behaviour of his little sister, or as we like to call her 'The Troll Princess'.
  12. the pill~?
  13. Not a very good long term option once you've decided that you don't want any more kids, but brilliant until you reach that point.
  14. as seinfeld says "any time, any place"...

    I hope he said it anyway. Or am i completely wrong lol
  15. Unfair. Why doesn't your lady get her tubes tied?

    [-X Say "No" to vasectomy.
  16. You can have mine for an hour.....you'll be running for the Stanley knife!
  17. I saw her give birth. Least I can do is have the plumbing re-routed. I'm getting it done next year.
  18. Because there IS a double standard. I wanted to get that done after the birth of 3rd, but because I was under 30 @ the time they wouldnt even consider it.

    While Mr Charmed walked into our local gp, 15 mins later walked out & everything was arranged for couple of days later.

    Had to laugh tho, while he was being snipped @ im sittin there waiting, & being told still have to becareful for next few weeks , I snap back @ them, "Look @ me, are you kidding, telling me to be carefull" ... was 6 months preg @ the time.
  19. oh yes definately agree charmed
    I was 23 after our 2nd and even though we had to go through IVF for ours they still wouldnt let me have it done
    Phil only got to see the 2nd one born (was overseas for the first) and he said straight after
    its ok I will get the snip

    its an easy op for you guys with little recovery time
    not so for us females