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A secret new world..

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by smiley235, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. Well, as you may know, i've just started riding, probably only been on the road about 6 or 7 times. I was coming out of coles in reservoir and a biker coming in nodded his head of me, so I nodded back. Then later, on the streets, at the lights was a suzuki 750. I was too nervous to move up next to him so stayed just behind him. He turned around and gave me a thumbs up. Never knew bikers were so friendly to each other. Anyway, just a question about etiquette, is it cool to nod at anyone or would it be advisable not too with say a guy on a harley with a big beard?

    Thanks, and thanks to the guys on the rd, it really gave me the confidence i needed as i've been very nervous on the roads since i've started riding.
  2. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Even the Noobies know!

    Dude, you can try and nod, but don't expect a response. :roll:
  3. Hahah... I was coming through Galston G' one time...
    Must of been a harley meet or something, got stared out by every single one of them as I gave way to them on the one laned bridge!
  4. every sports bike nods but when you nod at a harley you get nothing back.

    i nodded at all sports bikes when i was riding and got great happy nods back.

    these days, i even nod from my wheelchair and get nods back.
  5. Howdy, and welcome to the world...

    There are many a thread on nodding, may try a Search for them, but nodding is curtious, to anyone, i've had nods from Harley Riders too.... occasionally...
  6. cool, its a lot different to being in he cage where I usually get the finger or give 1 out, I'll have a search through the threads,

  7. can't give the finger on a bike, you'll crash.

    hold on!
  8. Harley riders are tools, they'll never nod back, bunch of lost souls if you ask me.

    Only one harley rider has ever waved at me, thats right, he was an old guy with a big white beard on a huge red harley tourer, and he always waved to me which I thought was pretty cool.
  9. if you think the whole nodding thing is cool, wait till you go to an orgy :LOL:
  10. I started riding 4 weeks ago. I'm on a honda. The first nod I got was from a Harley rider. It's all good peeps!
  11. reason harley riders dont nod back, is cause its not there greeting they say helloe by sticking their index finger in the air. So next time u pull up next to one stick ur middle finger up at them and they will greet u back
  12. have you tried that one before have you?
  13. ha ha! that's great!
  14. Strangely enough a harley guy nodded back to me yesterday on beach rd St Kilda or Elsternwick (not sure where they change borders). I just wish they could see the TRIUMPH symbol/sticker somewhere actually being inline/past me as for the ones who don't, may actually nod back :eek: It was such a fantastic day yesterday, saw a heap of bikes "doing the rounds".
  15. Just remember that many harley riders are not bikies, or even bikers.

    Some are well represented by the guys in 'WILD HOGS' and are either desparately trying to hang on to their bike, or trying desparately to be cool.

    Don't try hard to work out which is which, you could lose your teeth trying.

    Be courteous to everyone, dont expect a response though.
  16. wave, nod, head flick, flash lights, wave past, slow down wave / speed camers etc...

    Its all about reinforcing the community.
  17. You have now proven to me, without a shadow of doubt, that you are a tool of the highest order as I had suggested in your speeding thread.

    As for nodding, try this ](*,)
  18. lol. it is a bit of a generalisation. I have an uncle who rides with a few of his mates in perth on harleys and they are the nicest guys. They would wave at anyone on 2 wheels.

  19. On the way up to the spur yesterday we were behind the SE group going through Berwick. There was a small group of HR's in the carpark and oldman waved to them. They waved back :)

    Sure, in general they don't wave/nod back, but some do. So nod/wave away...most of the time you'll get a response from sporty's, most of the time you WON'T get a response from Harleys. But there's some sporty's that won't respond and there's some Harleys that will :)
  20. i have only had one harley rider give me a wave. that was from the gladiator gang/group here in newcastle. other than that i wave all the time to them hoping one day they will wave back :LOL: i gave a group of harley riders (dunno which group) a wave one day while riding with a mate, i was in a dick of a mode and gave em one of those queen style waves. well a nice greeting back, 2 out of the group gave me the bird :LOL: :LOL: . but ill keep trying :p