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a scooter question

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by edgelett, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. no, not for me.

    my sister has decided she wants a scooter.
    in south australia, you can ride a 50cc scooter without needing a bike licence.

    However, i have told her i'd prefer it if she got something at 75cc's or more, so that a) she can actually do 60kph and have some vague form of acceleration and b) that way she's forced to get a bike licence, which means she'll be doing the safety training. i'd prefer her to do the training cause it will make her safer.

    her budget is approx $2000 including gear, and she wants the 'old school' vespa style look (she's a REAL girly girl).

    so since i know sweet FA about scooters, any recommendations?
  2. How bout an old school Vespa? :wink:
  3. i jsut thought i should have posted this in the scooter section...

    Jnr - she wants a brand new one if possible, or at least not to dodgy looking 2nd hand one.

    what are the brakes like on old scool vespas? any good? how do they accelerate?

    suggestions would be great if they include some info on the scooter.
  4. You can get a brand new 4 stroke, lead 100 Honda for 1999 now. She will still need to get gear on top of that though. Just an idea.
  5. the Lead is what I recommended to her - i thought it would be a safer scooter to ride, in that she will be able to do the speed limit comfortably.

    but, she's a REAL girly girl. and she said 'it looks ugly'

    so she's not interested in the Lead...she wants something that looks 'cute' and comes in Red.

    i'm doing my best to push safety first!
  6. Just be wary of the quality of some of the stuff from China and Taiwan.
  7. any brands she should stay away from?
    i'm looking at honda's & yamahas at the moment
  8. I hate to break it to your sister but looking cute comes with a price tag. I really don't think she's allowing herself nearly enough of a budget to cover a reasonable ride, insurance and safety gear (cute or not). I think she should make a decision on what she wants to ride, and go out and get proper estimates on how much things are going to cost her. Kudos to you for trying to lead the way and press things like safety as a major point (including a bike that will nudge her over 60km so she can get out of harm's way).

    Japanese bikes generally are easier to maintain, get parts for and cheaper to run - the "cute" italian scoots are a real biatch if you need to get parts for them
  9. yeah I know claire..
    i DID manage to convince her to get something other than a 50cc scooter.
    she agreed that people who filter to the front of traffic, then can't accelerate & hold everyone up, look ridiculous. so she's agreed to get a 100cc or more scooter & get her bike licence.

    she said to me she'd get a bike licence even if she got a 50cc cause she wants to do the safety training (at least she listened to me there!)

    after looking at the price of brand new Vespa's, she's also agreed to get a yamaha, honda or other japanese made scooter so she gets decent quality at a cheaper price.

    but for the 'look' she wants....yeah $2000 ain't going to cut it.

    I might check out 2nd hand scooters for her, might find a bargain.
  10. bolwell jolie!!!

  11. How about Piaggio Zip ? It's not completely old Vespa style but I think it's kind of cute. Plus you can have it in red, it's 100cc, it's only $2,190+ORC, and it's a Piaggio... although one that's actually made in China.
  12. More chicks on bikes, woohoo the world is a happier place! :LOL:

    Good on ya Edge for nagging her to get her license. Be careful she might be eyeing of the HNYDVL soon :LOL:
  13. My suggestion would be the Bug Expresso. It's got an old school(ish) look, is 150cc, larger wheels, and they come with a 4 year, unlimited km warranty.

    The only downside is the price, I think they're around $4k brand new, which I realise probably makes them un-obtainable, but a good 2nd hand one might come up.
  14. sounds like you have handled it pretty well tash, just hope she also understands that most riding gear isn't all that sexy/flatting either.....maybe just suggest a bike then she can wear leathers :grin: :wink:
  15. thanks mate, yeah she's realised that safety is important so I should be able to convince her to get some decent gear too.
    she'll be using the scooter to ride from her house to the train station & maybe zipping around to get luggage.

    she liked the look of the Yamaha Vino 125 actually.

    having had a further chat to her husband tonight, he said 'well if $4000 will get her something safer & bigger than $2000, then I guess we spend $4000'

    He's decided he wants a cibby 250 now too so looks like my sister & bro in law will be getting their bike licences at the same time!