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A sad sight indeed for aviation enthusiasts...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by NiteKreeper, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. 191570-f111s-dumped-near-ipswich.

    Gutted fuselages of the F-111 being buried at a "tip" :(

    I quite liked these things when I was serving, mostly because they were a little bit different to other aircraft - side-by-side seating, with a mechanism that ejected the entire cockpit rather than the individual seats...
    TFR (Terrain-following-RADAR) to give enlisted folk a thrill as it was flown up a dam wall on the "200ft hard ride" setting...
    A 1960's design that still held it's own through the late 90's, albeit with an avionics upgrade...

    I'm also a bit of a fan of the Super-Hornets, but they won't replace the Pig in my heart...
  2. It's always sad to see the end of an aircraft. But I've always despised the F111 because of the politics around it was used to kill the TSR2.

    Now the was an aircraft ahead of it's time...
  3. A sad day indeed. But what can you do with a nuclear capable airframe chock full of asbestos and various toxic chemicals? I had heard they were going to be burnt.

    Though I do wonder how hard it would have been to use them for artificial reefs. Imagine, diving on a submerged squadron of F111s...

    As for the TSR2, the UK government view of the time (from my limited reading on the subject) was that the UK aviation industry was bloated and inefficient, and in serious need of reform. With this in mid, the TSR2 was embarrassingly capable. It was doomed even without the F111.
  4. I dunno using lend-lease repayment as threat to close the program is pretty low.

    The F111 was being touted as cheaper and available sooner, as it came in at 5 times the original price and 8 years late it was hardly a paragon of efficiency.

    So much so that the only other buyer outside of the US was here...
  5. Horrid looking things and almost what.. 50 years old now?
  6. I'm surprised Juliar didn't give these to the Indonesians as well as the C130s she kindly donated (after WE pay to refurbish them).

    I used to love the old F111s doing laps over the grandstands at the Surfers Indy-Car race; melt your spine stuff......
  7. Shades of Thunderball :D.

    Shame about all that lovely aluminium.
  8. Beautiful machine so I don't agree with you Funkmonkey ;) Very sad to see such an ignoble end. Ahead of its time in so many ways.

    Mach 2.5
    1330mi Combat range.

    Mach 1.8
    449mi Combat range.
  9. Not sure what the specs are for the F18 and F111 are designed for very different roles...
  10. Probably impolitic, given that we only bought them so we'd be able to bomb Jakarta.
  11. When I was in the Air Cadets as a young lad the best part was always late at night watching them take off from the balcony of the airmen's barracks at Amberley, there's no other sound quite like it.
  12. Shades of the Iraqi Air Force :p
  13. Not wrong. One of my favourite memories remains my JNCO course about ten years ago - sitting on the tarmac watching full afterburner touch and go exercises, two at a time side by side at about 10pm. Just unreal.
  14. Ten years ago, id probably know/n you
  15. Definately an aircraft with it's own unique character......sad to see them go that way...
  16. watching one of these things fly by with the nose up and tail down, afterburner lighting up the night sky and gape as it stood on its arse and went up and out of sight..
    priceless ............ was seconded to 1 SQN for 13 weeks and was lucky enough to play fighter pilot in one of these .. mind you the bird never left the ground, but still fugg/n awesome.
  17. There are some useful combat type things an F/A 18 (or the suped up version) can do, which an F111 could not. Neither one is the all time world champion dogfighter, but the hornet is a whole lot closer to it than the Pig. But we didn't buy the Pigs to dogfight - we bought them to move mud - and maybe a few bits of cement and glass. For any bombing role (except perhaps close air support) the Pig was about a thousand times more capable and suitable for the task.

    It's like we had a few old furniture removal trucks, but we sold them because they were old and expensive to run, and we're replacing them with XR6 falcons, that have a tow bar. In some circumstances that makes a lot of sense, but for the furniture removal business, it doesn't.
  18. Furniture trucks that just happened to be nearly twice as fast as the XR6 replacements. :)
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