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A run on the Beast becomes a run from the Beast

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Rogues, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. Organised with a few blokes to take a day run up North, objective being getting off the freeway ASAP at Raleigh and heading up via Bellingen to Dorrigo and onto Nymboida for lunch.

    Met the crew at servo, waited around for a few that didn't turn up.......... the day was cloudy and cool but, as long as it stayed like that all would be good.

    I led the guys, Tony, Neville & Guy across the back way thru Pembrooke onto the highway at Telegraph Point and we proceeded to make haste as best we could........ turned off at Urunga (just after passing one of those 'community minded, anywhere, anytime vans' that was stationed in the shrubbery to protect kittens and small children) and made a beeline for Bellingen.....

    ....at least we were able to give the 14's their head outside of town........


    Stopped and put the GoPro onto time lapse photo snaps for the run up the hill to Dorrigo, told the lads that we should get some good ones at a photo every 5 seconds....... should have told them not to **** off into the distance though I suppose..........
  2. Stopped for the obligatory shot on Waterfall Way since Neville and Guy had never been up this way before........

    This is a brilliant run now that the hotmix is down, great corners and beautiful power corners, those that haven't been here.... do it if you are going past.... you will be rewarded.

    Tony on his 'Black'

    Since we were on top of the mountain Tony pulled us into the lookout and skywalk to have a 'stickie' brilliant view to the coast
  3. From there it was a short scoot into Dorrigo for a quick coffee at the world's smallest bike museum and a 'top-up' with go-juice

    A quick fang out along Armidale road was on the cards now,..... mind you we did stay around $1.30 mostly as there were cattle all over the bloody road and beside it........... short of Nymboida Coachhouse there is an extremely tight section of corners of 25 & 35k's with off- cambers,switchbacks, flip flops and undulating chicanes to contend with.......... great fun but you play hard here at your peril. The road is old, and virtually 1 ½ lanes at best so you want your wits about you (for those that know it, think Lions Rd over the mountain)......... still it was fun, mind you I am very aware NOW that my front rubber has gone off and am in need of a fresh hoop.
    (sorry would have loved to but no pics..........had my hands full as it was......)
  4. Arrived at Nymboida Coachhouse and set about organising a good feed for lunch and a drink to wet the whistle...... this is a nice spot if anyone is up for a weekend away, nice restaurant and good rooms plus a very pleasant outlook.

    We all took note of that ominous looking cloudbank out the back there......... which in the end chased us out of Nymboida with loud mutterings ringing in our ears that it was coming for us

  5. Headed towards Grafton on the way back with the idea that with the weather the way it was turning might be best to not push out luck and cut down thru the back roads via Glenreagh and Coramba to Coffs, then a quick sprint for home............... so we did, with that ugly storm chasing us across the landscape all the way so at some points $1.60 was achieved attempting to outrun the toll.


    Pulled into the servo on the highway at Sawtell to juice up, Tony put his wets on and I suggested if the rain came down I'd stop further down the track and, I had a spare set for Nev & Guy to split if they wanted......... they were only wearing jeans and jackets, Lo and behold not more than 5 minutes down the road I pulled under a bridge as the rain came tumbling down and we suited up.........

    From this point on it was don't spare the horses as I led a sprint down the highway keeping an eye out for plod.

    The rain eased to a standstill by the time we reached Kempsey so we thought we were pretty much home free for the last 40k's... little did we know..................
  6. Rocketing down the highway, nearing Telegraph Point and the weather turned to crap again, all I could see in front of me was this huge black behemoth hanging threateningly in the sky........and I was running towards it.


    Well 5k's from the 'Point and it hit us absolutely torrential, spewing its fury at us, while chucking lightning onto the road ahead it whipped up winds that tossed us about and virtually sucked any light out of the atmosphere, our lights were next to useless, we couldn't see the white lines on the road and cars were just pulling over to the side stationary, flipping their hazards on........ the highway was a carpark, nobody was going anywhere.

    I knew I had to get the guys off the highway, it was a recipe for disaster to continue with cars diving off to the side or jockeying for position on the road while blind..... ....... we pulled into the small servo at 'Tele' and jumped off the bikes, leaving them in the rain.......... and only realised then that it was coming down in sheets of pea-sized hail as well as torrential rain.

    Needless to say we stayed there till the hail stopped and the rain eased, then we set off, tippy-toeing over the back way to home on a hail strewn back road to home in our soaked boots, gloves and riding gear.....

    Fun??.......... hell yes!!
  7. Sounds like you had a great time Rogues, nothing beats a good shit storm, complete white out, good fun.

    btw great to see a few 14's out & about.
  8. Awesome day even with the rain, thanks for the photos and write up!
  9. Good write up, I especially enjoyed that last photo.
  10. Thanks [MENTION=23799]Rogues[/MENTION], excellent ride report mate.

    Just after you left the waterfall, below Dorigo, you would've gone around a climbing double apex left. If you've read my other ramblings, you'll remember I did a bit of skydiving at that corner on a honda 4. It's a big drop. I think it's this one. There's a guard rail today, and the trees are bit taller and thicker.
  11. awesome ride report, and pics, specially the one of the storm :shock:
  12. Great loop this one, I did it back in the early weeks of my trip.

    Great stuff !!
  13. thanks guys, was fun- and a full day out which is always better than an hour or two ha,ha

    would have loved to have got some snaps of the Nymboida section but...........
  14. sounded heaps fun

    love riding in storms and getting those stares from people in their cages wondering what the **** is this guy doing??