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A risk with the new LAMS

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by HANDSY, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. hey
    im new and have been looking at a few bikes.
    wondering if anyone could shed some light.
    with the new LAMS coming in, one of the bikes im interested in is on the list. i plan on buying a bike within the next two months. the LAMS doesnt come in for a little longer, the bike is 400cc so is illegal with current law. should i buy the larger bike as it will be fine with LAMS and i would have it longer than if i brought a 250cc which i would upgrade immediately when i get license.
    i read somewhere that riding a bike bigger than 250cc is a $100 fine but changing to $$$$ and points. when does this change come in?

  2. Your problem will be insurance and liability with a non-compliant bike.
    The fine at the moment is a 2111 (offence code). It is $116 and no points.
    However I think that when LAMS is introduced they will follow the other states in applying a fine of around $300 and between 2-3 points if you go out of the 150 kw / tonne.

    You'd best wait.
  3. buy it now 100$ fine is not much. the bikes value may go up after lams
    ur bike will be legal when the strictor fine comes in.
    just check to make sure the bike will be on the lams list as they vary sttate to state
  4. Not a very wise advice.

    What would happen if the op smash someone else's car or a person? What about the insurance and the liability?

  5. If it was me I would buy it now, but it is not my decision it is yours alone.
  6. Exactly what drugs are you on Z :?
  7. even if u buy ur drz400sm .... which is what i reckon ud want....cause its what i would be riding right now if we had lams down here.

    I'm sure ur going to want to upgrade the second you get off ur restrictions
  8. Buy the bike you can ride now.
    Learn to ride the wheels off it.
    Look after it and sell it for about what you paid when its time to upgrade.

    250's will still be the ideal size for a lot of n00bs even when LAMS in introduced and prices will not drop through the floor.

    You will be able to ride without sh!tting about getting caught.
    You will be compliant with your permit and you will be able to be insured.
  9. Yeah insurance is your biggest worry. If you de-rail a freight train (very unlikely but possible), then you could be up for $20M or more. Your insurance won't cover you.
  10. Does Victoria have the option to apply for an exemption? One of my mates down here got on to his GS500 before LAMS came in by writing to Service Tas and explaining it was a learner-approved bike in the LAMS states. Maybe you could do the same?
  11. If you already have your learners, then you will not be able to ride it even when LAMS does come in. Your licence/permit will be under the old system.

    Only those who obtain a learner permit AFTER LAMS comes in will be able to ride bikes under the scheme.
  12. +1, yay grandfathering.
  13. Ya sure hubie? I understood that you would be able to ride the LAMS bikes, the only difference was that you could continue to ride banned 2smoke 250s??
  14. Are you sure? I would have thought the LAMS only effects the bike which are eligible to be ridden be a learner, not the bikes which a given learner can ride.
  15. Hubie is smoking again :cool:
    You will need to apply to VicRoads to have a permit/license reissued with the new restriction on the back. (remove the 260cc)
  16. +1
    I mean, if you have a full restriced licence and LAMS comes in a learner can have a bigger bike than you! :roll:
  17. Or you get your licence the week before LAMS comes in and you get to spend the year on a 2-smoker.
  18. I think we have cleared this up!


  19. Don't trust the Vic's to do the same as the Taswegians! When the new high powered rules for 'P' platers came in last year, they did exactly the same thing.
  20. Yep that's what i was thinking, bring on national Rules I say!