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A rider's perspective

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Chef, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. I love riding motorcycles,
    I love falling off motorcycles,
    I love talking to motorcycle riders,
    I love being a motorcycle rider.

    I've always loved them,
    I will always love them,

    and fuck anybody that tries to stop me.

  2. Right on!


    Now test your nerve in the violent air
    In the screaming dark when you're really there
    And hold your life in your right hand
    As you answer up to speed's demands.

    For life this close to death it seems
    Is the stuff of life and the life of dreams
    And life this close to death, I feel
    Is life that's lived. Complete. For real.

    So toss your coin across the night
    Where death it hides at the edge of sight
    And dare to say you've lived a dream.
    What hides outside your high beam? "
  3. I wholheartedly agree, Chef!... Ermm, except for the falling of bit. Close shaves are preferable. LOL

    Althogh, falling off a motorbike is much preferable to falling off a Harley!
  4. I'll defend anybody's right to fall off any kind of motorcycle if that is what they choose to do with their lives....

    and fuck anybody that tries to stop them.
  5. fuck.

    Hey, it works for me too.

    fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,

    Thanks, I feel like a teenager again.
  6. I have fallen off bikes heaps before, and I will probably fall off it again, Thats life,

    Who cares, I dont, Riding bikes, It's what I love doing,

    If I fall off, Thats my choice, not yours,
    I dont wear Attgatt, Thats my choice, not yours,
    If I speed, Thats my choice, not yours,
    If I go slow. Thats my choice, Not yours.
    The bike I ride, Thats my choice, Not yours,
    If I want to commit suicide, Thats my choice, not yours,
    If its at all possible, I want to be the oldest rider ever, Thats my choice, Not yours,

    Because you cant or are unable or too scared or too ignorant to do some thing, That does not give you the right to stop other people from doing the things that scare the crap out of you, Get a life.

    Chef and Kneedragon are right on the money, Totally agree,

    Shit the bed, Its not as dangerous as getting out of it and going to the dunny, You might fall over and injure your self on the way, Then you can get Dunnys Banned, There dangerous,

    How can you be jealous of a machine, My first wife was, I loved my bike more than her,
  7. Fucking gold Deadman. =D>
  8. Motorcycles - the fountain of youth.

    The right to free expression and individuality.

    Fight for it or lose it.
  9. :)

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  10. Well said.
    Amen brother
  11. Love it. There are so many people out there (riders included) who just don't seem to get that its MY CHOICE.

    And Chef, you're right, except I don't love the falling of bit. But I do love it right up to the point immediately before impact.
  12. This by far is my favourite fucking thread
  13. I loath the falling off bit, I loath the fact I know I'll fall off again...


    I love the fact that I'm still here to laugh about it,

    I love my friends laughing at me,

    and I love them laughing with me.

    So even though falling off sucks a fat lady's arse...

    It's a part of riding, so I love it

    and fuck anybody that tries to stop me, or vilifies me, or doesn't understand me. It's my decision to make, and I've made it so Fuck em all.
  14. Testify brothers and sisters.

    ...fuck them all
  15. Must admit, after the dust settles and you know all is ok. Someone coming off is so ****ing funny. Even a big whoops can bring tears to the eyes.
  16. "are you ok?"
    "is the bike ok?"
    "you idiot"

    Now imagine if the laughs dried up
  17. You're right, falling of sucks, but fuck it can be funny afterwards.

    Chef, you obviously know my wife and kids, after my last off that's exactly what they said and couldn't stop laughing at me. The bike got more sympathy than I did.
  18. Sing it brothers.

    If we're afraid of falling off they've got us by the balls,

    Fuck that and fuck them
  19. Hey, that's the conversation Wifey and I had a few weeks ago.