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A riders nightmare ! . . . trucks with unsecured loads ! :o

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickyb V9, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. Check this out !
    We were following this truck on todays ride !

    - Open flat bed truck with no rear gate.
    - Unsecured recycled cardboard cubes.
    - Braking to shift the load forward ! :eek:

    I think we have another definition of stupid !!!


  2. What a dipsh!t. Great pics, did your pillion take 'em?
  3. glad it wasn't in front by the time we caught up to where it was going, didnt see it, but woulda been nervous sitting behind that up a hill
  4. Mickey WAS the pillion :wink:
  5. Did you get the rego number and report the dipshit to the cops? Friend of mine was killed by something unsecured falling off a truck.
  6. Who was it a while ago that had a wheelie bin fly off the back of a truck and nearly collect her? BlackMagic, I think. Scary stuff :shock:
  7. Wasn't going to post about it.. but since this is here,
    the other day going along nepean highway, a ute pulled out from bunnings (mornington) into the left lane (I was in the right lane.. thank god)... He had half a dozen bags of cement on the back.. cept the ute didn't have any sides.. it was just flat.. as he came onto nepean one inevitably fell off right into the middle of the road.. idiot..

    do these people actually think ?
  8. yeh they do...when a biker crashes into that cement bag, the ute guy thinks to himself, 'Damn! was that the last cement bag on special? I should've picked up 2 more if I knew i was bout to loose one,!'
  9. You have a terribly poor view of humanity.

    Unfortunately, most of the time, they will live down to your expectations. :(
  10. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=43116&start=0
    Yet another specimen of humanity living down to expectations.
  11. I saw a car towing a car trailer (no front or back, only two small sides on it) complete with a shit load of bits of 2x4 on it (enough that it filled it width ways and sat about 6 inches above the sides!) which only had a couple of bits of rope/strap over the top!
    needless to say they must have braked too hard and the bits of wood slid forward into the back of their accord... an expensive excercise me thinks!

    At least it slid forward into their car and perhaps taught them a lesson as opposed to sliding off the back and hitting a rider or another car etc.
  12. Crickey, there are some dickheads around :evil:
  13. early 90's on Mt Tambourine Road near logan Village, a person was killed when a Brick came of a truck and went through his window, crushed his chest. If you know the road there is a big dip down to a bridge over a creek(Good fun! although seen a few cars who's drivers got caught out and went off the bridge). It happens a bit, that is the one I know of first hand(As in being through there right after it happened).

    Although Being behind a tralier on the Eastern with sand in it is not FUN by anyones opinion.
  14. doubt anything would be done to the driver even if the photo was handed in sadly, espescially after reading how gegvasco was clobbered by a bucket of glue and even then the driver wasn't charged :shock:
  15. worst is when u get stuck behind a semi full of live chickens, yellow rain, brown hail and a smell your own arse cant beat, :busting: :sick:
  16. Semi load of live pigs is worse (and I don't mean the ones with flashing lights either) :mad:
  17. Used to work in Wetherill park. Apparently if you are transporting 12 tonne of steel a few blocks away you neither need to secure the load or positioning it correctly in the truck.

    btw very funny OP with the photos
  18. reminds me of when I first started riding.
    A side gate of a truck actually came off the truck and started to roll towards my lane. :shock:
    Gave it a bit of gas and got ahead of the truck.