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A return to two wheels

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Jastel, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. Well after a 2 year period without a motorcycle I recently had the opportunity to purchase a project bike to fix up and get back on the road.
    I got this 1998 Fireblade CBR900RR for not a great deal of money....


    Time will tell whether it was a wise investment but I believe at the moment all it needs is a new battery and some TLC. Currently the seat is getting re-upholstered and I'll do a fluid change this weekend. The paintwork is shit so I'll look at doing that when it gets a little warmer.

    It'll be good to get back riding :)
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  2. Any Fireblade is better than no bike, but you are right, that is a hideous paint job!!!!

    Keep us posted on the project.
  3. Any Fireblade is better than no bike, but you are right, that is a hideous paint job!!!!

    Keep us posted on the project.
  4. G;day and welcome, JastelJastel. Will be interesting to know how the Fireblade resurrection goes.
  5. welcome aboard :] good luck with the project
  6. Well it actually runs, I'm pleasantly surprised. Put a new battery in, changed the oil and filter, cleaned out the fuel tank and serviced the fuel valve. Took it for a quick run around the block and you can't remove the smile off my face =D
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  7. Love that era of sport bike. And being a Honda, should be sweeeet! That paint colour is nearly as bad as mine - Teal VTR
  8. Hi Jastel welcome aboard! looks like a lot of fun please keep us posted. I just bought myself a 2012 CBR250R might see you around town :)
  9. Not sure what the original paint scheme was but the guy I bought it off said it was a shitty purple (spray can job) when he bought it then "improved" it with a shitty blue (spray can job) lol
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  10. Congrats mate. All the best with the project. This is the paint job you have to aim for :)

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  11. Welcome to Netrider Jastel!
  12. Wow.... that's nice!!
  13. Welcome to NR
  14. Hello and welcome JastelJastel. Good luck with your restoration, it's beautiful bike, can't wait to see the final result :)
  15. It's all ready for blueslip inspection now, the only thing that will fail will be the shortened rear fender but I hope there's a tiny chance my guy will overlook it. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to find a replacement fender?
    I can't wait for warmer weather so I can ditch the crap faded sparkly blue colour.......

  16. The rear fender requirements have been loosened up under ADR rules as of late 2014 to bring our requirements more in to line with European rules so you may be OK. The Minister's office advises the following:

    Thank you for your email about motorcycle wheel guard requirements.

    The Australian Government’s Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 (the Act) requires all new road vehicles, whether they are manufactured in Australia or imported new or second-hand, comply with the national vehicle standards known as the Australian Design Rules (ADRs), before they can be offered to the market for use in transport. The ADRs are performance based standards for vehicle safety, emissions and anti-theft and are available from the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development (the Department) website at: Third Edition Australian Design Rules.

    I can confirm that the amendment is to ADR 42/04 and deletes clause (and renumbers as (attached unamended version for reference). This means that there are still requirements for front mudguards and there are still requirements (although reduced) for rear mudguards (14.3.2).

    There has been further information posted in relation to changes to requirements for motorcycle mudguards on the Department’s website at: Australian Design Rule Development Program and Public Comment

    Furthermore, the model legislation – Australian Vehicle Standards Rules (AVSRs) sets standards that vehicles must comply with to be driven on roads and road-related areas and as this model legislation is used by the state and territory governments for their individual vehicle standard rules, I suggest that you contact your relevant vehicle registration authority to seek their advice on the matter. Please be advised that depending on their environmental or parochial requirements, they will add to or exclude from the model legislation for use in their jurisdiction.

    The AVSRs can be found on website: NTC - National Transport Comission

    The contact details can be found on the following websites:

    South Australia:
    Western Australia:
    Northern Territory:

    I trust that this information is of assistance.
  17. If it's just to get it past inspection, you could just bodge up something from sheet metal or plastic or whatever you have lying around.


    I know the execution's a bit off, but I don't mind the idea there. Suzuki colours on a Honda ... maybe if it were a nicer Rizla metallic blue, and it wasn't a Bunnings job.

    Welcome (back)!
  18. Thanks for that. I'll probably go for a combination of red, white and black..... although I didn't mind a yellow one I saw.
    The paint code indicates it was originally gunmetal grey/black.
  19. Nice one should keep you busy
  20. Oh and I soon realised it's a 1996.... not a 1998 like I was told.... pretty much the same though.