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A request if you've got 2 minutes

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by doonx, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. The son of friends of mine is an up and coming muso who is making some excellent music and busting his ass to break it to a musical career with a record contract. He has previously recorded in LA and had a producer take him under his wing, but needs some more experience and some more studio time.

    His name is Ollie Brown and he is from Newcastle NSW.

    Earlier this year he was picked up on the Michael Buble Australian Tour as the venue foyer performer around Australia. In itself, that's pretty damn good recognition.

    Currently he is competing the "Australia's Best Busker Competition" through VOX Magazine. If he wins he gets $20,000 worth of recording time in a top studio plus the chance to perform at the ARIA awards.

    I would love you all to vote for him on the link below. All 3 methods work equally well: Vote By Posting | Vote By Tweeting | Vote Privately. I believe you can double up by using IE and FF separately, then your mobile device, voting from home, blah blah blah. You get the picture.


    I appreciate you support in this, and I know his family and him do as well.

  2. good on him
  3. Done via web site - don't have a facebook or tweet thingy

  4. Voted. Hope he makes it big and lives his dream
  5. Done. Wishing him luck. Too many over night idiots making the rounds.
  6. Thanks guys, he's got some real natural talent. Sings, writes and plays his own stuff.

    Keep 'em coming folks :)
  7. Before i vote, does he do any Adele covers like every other monkey who gets around these days. If he does, no vote for him.
  8. Voted, liked the song playing on the youtube clip too.

    He does his own original stuff
  10. Voted

    What crimes against music did he commit to be punished like that?

  11. ;)

    like the style or not, to get picked up at that level means you're doing something right!

    Thanks for the vote :)
  12. But I love Michael Buble :cry:

    I want to touch his face 8-[
  13. With a fist?
  14. Voted :) Good on him.
  15. Thanks guys n girls. :)
  16. Voted :)...good luck to him and make sure he remembers us supporters when he gets famous :p...
  17. I'll remind him ;)