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a reason why you should maintain your chain

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Willzah, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. That's why we have chainguards. And why i like twin shock bikes for that matter.

    Chains doing something lethal are rare though. More usually they just wrap up inside the gearbox sprocket cover and smash your engine case instead.
  2. Shaft drive FTW!
  3. belt too?

    whats the difference between belt/chain/shaft? apart from the obvious
  4. A belt is liable to snap with no warning if you run it much beyond the recommended replacement interval (seen it happen a couple of times), whereas a chain will generally make it obvious that it's time is up before suffering catastrophic failure. If you've a smidgen of mechanical sympathy anyway.

    Clean, smooth and reliable if maintained by the book though.
  5. my chain guard is plastic. im assuming you mean the thing covering the top of the chain, so you cant poke your fingers in it easily? i really doubt it would hold up much, if that ripped half the seat and rear fairing off.

    you can see his chainguard, its metal. and its bent like shit and way out of place. they're kind of a pointless thing in the even of a thrown chain...
  6. It kinda looks like there was a chain guard...
  7. kinda looks like a chain saw attacked it :wink:
  8. Take it from someone who is on their 4th chain 1st bike.

    Chain No.1 and No.2 snapped, 3rd was replaced as it was a cheapy for a few months but didn't even last that long and i'm on my 4th.

    My first chain totally demolished the sprocket cover when it went, and I was accerlating past 50km/h when it did, on a ZZR250 (see new chain thread). So not much power at all (not 1000cc worth etc) and it turned the sprocket cover to dust. The chain guard however was unmarked.

    The second chain also snapped at 140km/h, and whipped my my left ankle. Thank fook for my boots as my leg was hella sore for a few days. It left the chain guard intact, put a small hole in the sprocket cover, and took noticeable bites out of the swing arm.

    Lessons learned:

    Maintain your chain.
    Don't buy cheap chains (got 8 weeks or something out of mine).
    Leave your chain guard on, they work (I reckons anyway).
    (and don't be lazy when replacing said chain, take your sprocket cover off! :wink:)
  9. what brand chains were the crappy ones?
  10. No idea sorry, I asked my mechanic; "order a cheapy, only needs to last 3 months". Karma, got 6-8 weeks or something.
  11. he probs went to wreckers and got a old one
  12. If you're leaving your chain maintenance to the mechanic then you can be certain that there's effectively NO CHAIN MAINTENANCE being done.
  13. if your lucky they might spray some lube on. unless you specifically ask them look at your chain
  14. As i'm new to bikes whats the best way to mantain ur chain?
  15. keep it within tension limits. keep it lubed. clean it when it needs cleaning, then relube.

    a well looked after chain means well looked after sprockets, and should last plenty of km's.
  16. I don't s'pose anyone has that photo in their cache. The original is no longer on that link.
  17. it was a photo of a bikes arse end destroyed