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A reason for wearing the right gear...

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Dec 16, 2008.

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  3. Yeeeowwwch.

    Glad a year and a half later I'm still sticking to ATGATT.

    Tough to read but necessary to keep us in check.
  4. Oh yeah, seen that one before and it still sends chills down my spine, the poor bugger.

    Scooters, take note!
  5. :shock: That was quite detailed...

    Is there a corrollation between young religious people and not riding fully geared?

    And as usual this god character gets no blame for causing the problem and is thanked after the Dr's fix her up :roll:
  6. :sick:
    All that from a gust of wind and not wearing gear. Good to see that she got back to riding.
  7. Would this story be as famous if she was ugly?
  8. She's lucky she didn't end up ugly. At least she never had to worry about being brain damaged. I'm not entirely sure there was one there to damage in the first place.

    That t-shirt "If you can read this the biatch fell off" - I wonder if she was the inspiration for it :roll:
  9. Not in the U S of A!

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    okay... maybe not appropriate to crack jokes in this thread... :oops:
  10. Why not?

    She's American, blonde and too stupid to wear the right gear;

    and the most telling point...

    How many people have ever heard of a pillion falling off before without the bike crashing? Wind or not?
  11. Well... she WAS too stupid to wear the right gear... now she's just American and blonde which to most is seen as a handicap of the mind.

    Well i saw this video on the internet once of the guy popping the front up and the girl falling off the back... she was wearing a singlet though so i suspect she may have gotten severely hurt too...
  12. One thing that doesn't make sense in her story...

    If she was having trouble staying on then make him slow down.
  13. Ive seen that video too, I dont think she was wearing a helmet either, her face smashed into the ground pretty hard, poor b!tch.
  14. Well, I know of at least two.

    One was pissed as a rat. The rider, equally pissed, didn't notice :LOL: .

    The other was the bloke I managed to rocket off the back of MrsB's Commando when I was taking prospective buyers out for test rides and gave it a bit of a handful from a standing start. He couldn't hand his cash over fast enough :LOL: .
  15. yeah the whole 'it was the wind' thing just doesn't sit right with me...
    unless maybe he was doing over 300kph with a pillion on the back.
    i've never been that fast so can't say what the wind would be like at that speed. but even then...you're behind the rider, protected from the wind.
  16. Doing 100kmh into a strong inconsistent headwind, I've shifted back in my seat a fair way on a big gust. It's certainly possible. One thing you're forgetting is a pillion is usually seated higher than the rider, and generally as less space to crouch over. So I'd suspect they too also cop a fair bit of the wind without protection, without having their legs to grip onto the tank, or hands on the bars.

    Either way, it's clear she poorly prepared herself for a fall and positioned herself poorly when on the pillion.
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  18. That's why the FZR1000 is named "Brittany", just as a reminder to me.
  19. they sure must have been moving fo her to skid 160m down the road. thats a long way.
    me things they were doing slgihtly more than the speed limit, which would have helped with the wind pciknig her up.
    why would you not indicate for the rider in control to slow down :?
    hmmm. the price you pay.